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  1. I’m genuinely surprised no one has taken them!
  2. Out of interest did you manage to pass mot with just the motordyne xyz with decats? I’d like to run long tube headers one day and wondered if motordyne xyz would be sufficient to pass an mot as the only cat.
  3. Keen to release the cash from these. Reducing to £1700.
  4. As already answered it’ll fit all models of 370z.
  5. They’re a great looking piece of kit I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you hanging them up for display
  6. I bought these direct from the team owner through Facebook. Gutted I couldn’t fit them onto my own car especially having driven miles to collect them in stormy weather with 3 kids in tow! It was only when I discovered the end of the shocks were a different joint that lead to my research direct with Ohlins (who were incredibly helpful). Made full sense since the team ran both 350z and 370z race cars. As per pictures these have never been used or fitted. Good opportunity to get your hands on some excellent kit without paying full price.
  7. I recently bought a set of Ohlins coilovers from Team Kennedy racing team who had 2 spare sets they no longer needed. They’re still in their packaging and boxed (only removed from the box to verify items and take photos) Unfortunately for me despite the packaging displaying the correct package number (NIS MI00) for a 350Z I have now verified direct with Ohlins that the part numbers I have correspond to the package NIS GQ00 for the 370Z. I can provide the email correspondence received from Ohlins to confirm. Unfortunately for me they’re no good for my 350 so I’m looking to sell these o
  8. Just adding my 2 cents - tried Goodyear F1 Supersports on the rears for the first time at Snetterton this Wednesday and it was very wet. They were very impressive in the wet - in a recent test they performed significantly better than mp4s in the wet in a M2c. Obviously road legal and won’t be as track focused as the semi slicks above.
  9. Usual excellent service from Adrian’s team - answered all my queries instantly on WhatsApp early Saturday morning (look inside the box before you query!) even got a piece of chocolate.
  10. Ignore my latest question within reading the first page I see the thread has already answered many of my queries! This Link is gold!
  11. Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond I will definitely read through that thread, but it sounds like if I was to invest into premium coil overs it would make sense to add adjustable camber and toe arms and have the geometry tuned on installation. Do you know if there is a range of adjustability with the OEM parts?
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