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  1. Fyi i sold my last zed to them
  2. Do your research and scrutinise everything,go through the s/h with a toothcomb and get them to put it up in a ramp for you a good dealership with a genuine sale wont mind,mine didnt. Happy for me to ring and the garages where itd been serviced too. Do that and it doesnt natter where you buy from.
  3. Nice one...sucked the mood right out of this thread....
  4. Went this morning for a drive...had a lovely breakfast
  5. PAYCO - Lunch Zippypooz - Lunch reeceybeaney +1 - Lunch Pritchard +1 -Z +F: Lunch x2 (tbx by 1st sept) Dday +1- lunch The Punisher + 1- Lunch chippychip123 - Lunch coldel + Alfie - Lunch Dunks - Lunch Nismoandy - +lunch Flyn+1
  6. Sorry guys,im out for tmoro,i work at london bridge...say no more
  7. Any pics of how they looked on your car?
  8. Can i have the postcode for the halfway house



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