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  1. ***PRICE DROP TO £6000*** I'm selling my Azure blue 350z - I'm moving abroad and I just cannot really justify keeping it locked up, I'd rather someone else gets some joy out of it. It's done me proud and I've poured a lot of time into it - as well as making sure it's kept 100% good condition. Facts: Just under 89,000 miles. FULL service history (mostly at Kaizer Motors - all in service book) MOTed in January 2019 Pilot Sport 4 with less than 2000 miles on them (I have changed the tyres since the photo was taken) Only ever used V Power Dyno'ed at 300bhp (graphs available) No finance No insurance claims I will get car detailed before handing over ownership AC recently regassed Rays alloys are in need of some TLC as you can see from pictures the lacquer is coming off. Not kerbed however. No leaks, dents or bodywork issues other than one or two gravel rash chips All struts and braces are in good condition Standard suspension Seats and interior in good condition for age and relatively scratch free. Not a daily driver - but have done a few track days Mods: Plenum spacer Kaaz 1.5 way diff (I have original LSD which will be included) Airbox Mod Revup Remap Miltek Exhaust Japspeed decats Stubby aerial Sony HU Xtreme Clutch and Lightened Flywheel (braided clutch line) Braided brake lines 350z EBC Front Turbo Groove Brake Discs Black Diamond Nissan 350z Rear 6 Groove Brake Discs LED Rear Light clusters Happy for viewings but will only allow test drives if you can prove insurance. I live in Kent. I'm open to offers, however owing of the amount of work done to it and the condition I feel it is a fair price, but I'm open to discussion. Any questions let me know or PM me. If you need / want other pictures I can take some more - though the car's a little dirty at the moment!
  2. Would the MPS4 be better than the MPSS as I don't have 19" wheels, and they don't do the MPS4S in 18".
  3. Haha! I'm not always in my Zed so might be hard to spot! We should grab a beer sometime since I'm relatively locL.
  4. Lovely looking Zed. But you're brave parking in the middle of the car park!
  5. Funny that! Thanks for spotting me - I was saying that no one had spotted me yet!
  6. The problem is the EU is corrupt and has never published its accounts on the numerous times it has been asked - and if we were to stay (let us imagine the government doesn't support the referendum) then we'd have to ensure much stronger control over how our money is used. This is one of the few strong arguments I do agree with - I don't mind being part of the EU but I want to know what my money is being used for.
  7. 26.2% I just liked your post to give you a bit of a boost Col
  8. I heard on the radio that the vote was not legally binding and that parliament could ignore the vote. Whilst I voted remain, I feel this would not be wise. We are where we are, I personally don't think it was well thought out campaign from both sides, and bitter and divisive (unnecessarily so). However we need to put in the massive amounts of contingencies and securities (financial/business/trade) to make sure we don't hit rock bottom. We've been stripped of our AAA rating, but that was to be expected, but we need to stabilise ASAP - if we do that then we should avoid a recession - though there was no recession on the cards before Brexit, so that's just more bloody scaremongering. I hate it. All these suppositions and lies. We need to ensure that our financial markets do not tumble (they are our primary big hitter for GDP in this country) - once that is sorted I think everything else will fall into place, commodities market and everything else will follow. The £ was always going to dip, traders don't like instability. However, if we let things go out of control, then we will crash and burn, and it will take a decade to pick up the pieces if not more. So enough bickering between the leave/vote sides, and more unification. The only thing I dislike about the leave thing is the apparent undercurrent of xenophobia / racism that has percolated to the surface. Maybe it was always there and this just served as a mechanism by which people could vent their anger - but it does sadden me somewhat to see society be so intolerant. Now it could also be a bit of media skewing too, but irrespective, I've heard from friends who work within communities (police for example) that there is a lot of anger there So tragic. I just hope it doesn't multiply and swell out of control.
  9. Driving north towards Edenbridge town station, through town centre. 57 plate I think. Seems a few of us around this part of Kent.
  10. As a biker myself (and my sister) it did hit home how poor decisions can be life changing or even ending. that is why I eased off and was wary, I don't trust anyone on the roads.
  11. Thanks Dan that seems a sensible approach. It is worrying that he was driving so badly and with a car that looked like it had already been in an accident.
  12. I will send it then. I was doing under 60 in that clip and I have the gps log to prove it. That guy was driving a vehicle unfit for the road as you say and driving dangerously. I had my lights on too.
  13. Or in a car less capable... With my family aboard. But as it happens all was well. I did rant a bit at him and then promptly overtook him. He was completely oblivious. I like how the car on the left sort of waves at me!



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