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  1. Mine me does appear a bit lower.
  2. Adele, I will 'try' to attend, but as soon as I commit to anything these days..... something from my past catches up with me. Mandy wants to go, to see the donkeys!
  3. ............me? I see quite a few around South East Cornwall, post them in 'spotted', but never get a reply. On the other hand they never post spotting me either. Don't think the vast majority of owners around here are on forums. Now, if you had a 'split screen' VW camper van......... 🤔
  4. The police have a meter called a 'tintman' . http://www.turnkey-instruments.com/road.php?id=17
  5. Sorry Adele we are both away then in Germany. Typical, the only planned get together (in Cornwall) and we are not here.
  6. South West meetings are listed here:- http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/83-south-west/ As for monthly meets in Cornwall????
  7. Temper orange 350, first one I've ever seen in that colour. Had to look up the name of the colour.
  8. You will need to order a top exterior rubber trim from Nissan, no company replaces it. They just try to refit it. Also the plastic 'A' pillar trim has about 9 or so screws hidden under the rubber door seal. It does NOT just pull off!!!And the windscreen wipers come off as does the plastic trims between the battery covers and the screen. The 'B' pillar does just pop off, but the clips are brittle, and there is a small rubber grommet that might just fall out.Had mine replaced on my old 350 back in 2014. Had to wait nearly three weeks for them to source a screen back then...... or more likely for a fitter who knew how to do a 350. Don't forget the black plastic phone mic/aerial thingy behind the mirror before they cut through it removing the screen......
  9. Must have been lost, driving through Blunts! 😳
  10. Mine went up this year from £150 to £170, Other vehicles no change, so the Zed has gone up nearly 15%. Apart from getting older, nothing changed. To the OP don't forget to try this:- http://www.moneysavi...picker/#sectors And of course you have to take into account this:- http://www.motorcari...ode-ratings.php A=Good, F=Bad..... and Refer means you're unlikely to get a quote.
  11. Do I find rear wheel drive cars boring? .......yes........ We only bought it for our friends to drive around Cornwall when they visit. Of course we always leave it in the Hamlet car park opposite, and not on our drive.......... ðŸ˜
  12. I wouldn't say it's a 'daily', we just use it more than the Zed. (It carries more wine than a 370!)
  13. Why? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk Because this is one of the ways VOSA/Nissan will be able to contact you for recalls.
  14. Not me, I've got the bog standard zorst. Friday night we were in the wife's car. There is a chap who has a met. red 370z near Looe, not sure if he's on this forum.





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