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  1. Hi all, Since kicking this off I've since sold my 350z... (I think the young lad who brought it might be on the forum) I won't be checking in as often now, so will miss any PMs. I can potentially make these still if people want, though I only actually sold a handful through the forum - if this appears in later searches and someone is desperate for one, I've got them up on ebay and etsy for a while before I condemn it with the rest of my failed 'get out of teaching' schemes! Otherwise, so long and thanks for all the advice over the years. Rob
  2. If you've replaced all pumps etc, try an airline through the hoses combined with a sewing needle in the jet nozzles, as even if it's pumping it can be clogged to the point where it don't function. Mine has pulled a load of crap through the lines {tbf it was probably me not rinsing out the old water can I used to fill it last time!) Just fair warning, if you do airline it.. Take the little 3 way rubber connector off the passenger side wiper (you'll see what I mean when you disassemble)... I didn't and the air line blew it across the drive. Took forever to find the bastard on a tarmaced drive lol!
  3. I assume the fault your chasing is beyond a normal Obd2 readers capabilities?
  4. Yeah.. Or them. But you're right.. The looks. Still. They've grown on me. I think they're going to look pretty good in a few years time when everything else on the road is am electric euro box.
  5. Feel your pain... just put mine up for sale today as well. In my case it was having 3 kids that killed it... been using it as my daily while the wife ferrys the sprogs around in the smax up until now. Trouble is, now they're getting older, they all need to be in different places at different times and having more than 1 spare seat has become important. Just brought an absolute S**Tbox of a Renault Megane for 300 quid to drive while I sell the 350... It's gold, with a beige interior. It's the motoring equivalent of how old men dress... What to replace the 350z with though? I need 5 seats, Fast, reliable and semi-decent on fuel (but not a diesel as I do 16 miles a day and that'll kill the DPF) - Basically, it's a Golf GTI or a Focus ST isnt it!
  6. Another trick I learned, is you won't always feel play in a knackered wheel bearing by grabbing it, but with the wheel off the ground, put you hand on the rear spring... On the good side first and spin the wheel.. and then on the suspected bad side. If its knackered, you'll feel the graunching through the suspension spring.. Weird but it's true.. Well, in my case anyhow. Can't remember where I read that
  7. Yeah thanks, and apologies not sure if it's the same person but an admin contacted me via PM. My mistake. I'm looking at paying the fee, just wanted to see if I had any come backs first, otherwise I'm out of pocket before I've even started on an idea that might have no teeth.
  8. Ok All. The first 5 to PM me (and pay) I will do for £10 all in (inc postage).. just to get the idea out there and get people talking. Thanks all for the feedback everyone - might be able to make something out of this on the side.
  9. Ok. Well, I'm gonna make a few and send them out as cheap early orders PM me if you want one - Will do a hefty discount for first 5 to place orders. Admin - please move this if it's now become a for Sale thread. Was going to start a new post but would be nice to see if I get any come back via PMs. If I do, I'll set it up legitimately. - Please let me know what I should be doing.
  10. Thanks for the feedback - All useful. It's easy to tweak it to have a lean left or right, but I found dead ahead was fully visible from a drivers point of view. If someone near me (Aldershot) owns a HR and fancies me taking a measurement, I might make you a freebie as a thanks!
  11. Price I've no real idea. Hence the asking! When you factor in it's a 7 hour print, electricity, tweaking the CAD model each time, assembly, postage etc - hard to know. You can buy a normal stick to the windscreen phone holder for about £10-15, so I was thinking in the £20 ball park. That would make it worth the time, but to some, that's a lot of money for a bit of plastic! Who knows!
  12. Just putting it out there, Apologies if I'm breaking a rule here, but it's not really 'for sale' yet... just seeing if its worth selling! Designed and Knocked this up on my 3D printer for the Z, then got a bit carried away. Would anyone be willing to pay for this as product if I were to make more? if so, how much would you deem fair? Currently It fits a Huwawei P30 Pro, but I've designed it in such a way that I just need to tweek 3 dimensions in the CAD model to fit any smart phone (length, width height) As you can see it slides onto the cubby hole, without any fixings (rubber mounts to stop it marking the surface) - Stll opens with the cubby hole etc - Simply slides in. All feedback, positive and negative welcome. I'm well happy with it on a personal level, but wondered if others would like. I'm aware I could give this away as a free CAD/3D print design on thingiverse.com as well.... but you know, gotta keep that fuel tank full of 98RON, so a few extra pennies don't hurt if there's a market! If it's something people did want, I might branch out to other vehicles.
  13. Also, the pumps can pack up. Behind the front wheel arch liner on drivers side front wheel. Eaiser to get at with bumper off. Can you hear the pump wiring when someone pulls the stalk? The pumps I belive are generic Nissan as per the micra and others so are about 12 quid on ebay.





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