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  1. Thanks very much. In the end I took the car to a mechanic friend and it turned out the pump had gone but as there is no back wiper he rewired that pump so it operates the front washers and got a good result!
  2. Thanks very much Kieran I'll give that a go.
  3. Hi my headlight washers are working on my 350Z but my windscreen washer jets are not. Guess a pipe might be blocked or has come off/is loose but I have no idea where to look. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  4. Good news! We managed to re-set the window! We wound the window up, then while still holding the window switch in the up position, turning off and on the ignition and only then let go of the button and hey presto it worked! Not sure how long it will stay that way but fingers crossed it will last for good! Thanks for your help all.
  5. Hi there Coldel I wonder if you could help me please? We had a new window motor fitted so we know its not the motor, the mechanic said the same. It worked ok for a while then all of a sudden when we closed the passenger door one day, the window slowly dropped down to half way and we had to turn the ignition on to take it back to the top again. This now happens every time we close the door. Do you know if this is a known fault and if there is a cure please? Many thanks





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