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  1. Welcome to the forum. What are you thinking of going for 1or 2JZ or LS2 ??
  2. Welcome to the forum, i agree with Payco, there are more parts for the 350Z to spend your hard earned on which'll give you a bigger gains. There are plenty of insurers, you could try Adrian Flux.
  3. When the 350Z was originally designed, a specific requirement was for the passenger seat to be two or three inches lower than the drivers seat in order to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible, thus improving handling. If my 85 year old mother has no problems hopping in & out I'd be inclined to leave it as per design.
  4. I reckon Jack has one of the best names in the industry for quality of work and trying to incorporate all of your ideas.
  5. I've seen both of the installs that lurch mentions and IMO fiddling around with switches by your interior lights may make you feel like an airline pilot the ones mounted in the ashtray are by far the safest to use. Check them out, both of them are really neat installs.
  6. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the purchase of a really tidy Zed.
  7. Well hey there Mr Tweek, welcome to the forum, I hope you have plenty of fun whether you choose just to drive it or catch a serious dose of Zeditis (Now recognised by The British Medial Journal as a Neurological complaint, recognised by the constant need to spend any spare cash, and more improving said Zed car). Either way, I hope you enjoy it,
  8. hey welcome to the forum Steph and we wish you the best of luck in hunting down your new project 370,
  9. Hey Mick, welcome back to the forum, I bet you're regretting getting rid of the Ultra Yellow GT4.
  10. Hey Marky, welcome to the forum. As has already been said, the banana arm can be a pig to diagnose, but ZmanAlex is the guy to go to.
  11. I totally agree with ZeeZeebaba, the standard satnav was dire with a fair amount being removed and an alternative fitted. I'm sure i read somewhere that they did an updated cd-rom but wanted really daft money for it.
  12. This guy sounds well above average with his Zed knowledge, and the long waiting list for his own work, also suggests that he's not a Nissan Tech that struggles with an oil change and is just working for a pay packet. His long waiting list would soon shrink if his work was of poor quality.





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