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  1. Thats what i thought about the noise of a diesel, but seen in person. Normally the only noise from a diesel is the engine í ½í¸… Just didnt know if, if it fits over the ypipe, if id lose power/does the y pipe really change the tone much
  2. Asked the question on the a5 owners club, they dont seem to like to respond on that forum... Question is, im looking to buy supersprint exhaust for a5, pretty expensive. So i was looking at dpf deletr and the end section, from y-pipe down. So, do i need the centre section or can i use my oem. As in, if it fits... will it make a big difference using oem compared to centre section? Its 400quid for centre bit, and really, if the 2 tail pipes (which will be box free) allow for a good note/power, whats the point in mid sect if only a tiny change?
  3. 3weeks!! How often are you smoking this thing lol. I have the MVP and lasts about 2 and half days (mind u i puff like a chimney)
  4. If your going to buy the tobacco flavour, your best to buy a descent ecig (not the 10quid ones from the stall), kangertech are always an easy option. And buy the liquid online or via a shop as they use the best materials. Garage flavouts are revolting. Tastes like your liking an ashtray
  5. Ah right, so the first photo, where it shows the wheel showing from the lower part, that wont matter as its only based on the top of wheel/top fender/arch. (If that makes sense) Edit: or is tread counted as the actual single line going round the tyre as opposed to the small inch lines that go parrallel
  6. So much elbow grease required! If you have a gym membership, just cancel it, you're getting a full workout with the car Awesome build so far
  7. Hi guys, going to buy some spacers for the a5, and i know the law states roughly that the wheel must be in line or under the fender/wing. Does this look too much or would it be okay? Its 20mm front
  8. Ah rivet will be fine taking off. Is it just a rivet holding it, or is it also glued to the plastic? Just wondering incase i take it off and the stitching comes undone from glue
  9. Hi again guys, Just wondering, the knee rest pads in the 350z, are we able to get them as an individual leather pad, or is it imbedded into the plastic? The a5 doesn't have it, and was quite a nice touch in the zed.
  10. Hey guys, been a while since i popped on the forum, but decided this would be the best place to ask After selling zed, went away and bought a 1.9cdti sri astra, not as fun as i thought, so looking at Focus ST now. Tempted by this new style ST3, due to the price, however, i know nothing about buying a catc, catd car. Any info/advice, worth buying, stay well clear etc. I have always thought "never buy cat c or cat d car, their broken, they will break again", but just looking for some info/experiences Car in question http://www.autotrade.../cars?logcode=p
  11. 1200 originally. Done a bit of editing, I.e. instead of putting "soldier - armed forces" I put down "airman - royal air force" which is my rank, saved 200quid. Parked in lit street away from house saved 100quid. Then phoned and haggled for 30mins and got 200 off. If you phone them, call them and say your looking to buy insurance, and ask if they can ring you back. Saves you paying the bill. This only works if their making money lol
  12. Nobody should be bothered by the fact or lie, whatever one it is, that the 350z has a renault engine in it. Someone saying "you know that 350z has a french engine in it", is like saying "you know your ferrari, you know fiat own ferrari"... still a ferrari...
  13. I had same issue when I had my v2 bumper, I didnt go to nissan specialists for service though I just got a list of garage numbers around the area, phoned and asked. 1 garage out of 15 could do it. May be worth doing that before driving to each one
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