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  1. Thanks so very much GM, I know you’ve seen it when I first started in some older posts and have been really supportive.....much appreciated mate.......the final bit now is upgrading the tracks......time consuming for sure lol
  2. Hi guys......well the Chally is nearly done.....just doing track upgrades...taking ages lol....all detailing sorted and lots of hatches opened and hinged......it is a fair old lump.....6FT long...14 stone in weight....has smoke, sound fast turning turret, barrel elevation and so on.... ....once finished I’ll be looking for another......well I’ve gotta get that past the wife first
  3. Hi All......I'm sure you guys may have seen this amazing Nissan 350z Promotional video........its a must watch for sure https://youtu.be/B6zkx4xEQ6M Cheers and enjoy Mark
  4. HA HA Well hes doing fine and eating far too much.....including my hand lol
  5. HA HA HA.....what are you guys PIKE lol......I knew I shouldn't have posted the video on the NET ! You guys should know your PLAICE and leave the jokes to me No I'm off to have a GUPPY TEA.....it relaxes me and makes me feel less TENCH.........you might think I'm talking POLLOCKS, I can FILLET get in there.........CATCH ya later
  6. Well to say he's tame is an understatement....and he can eat for England lol settled in nicely and keeps wanting to eat my hand lol Cheers Mark
  7. Cheers guys for the advice........I may sell private to see if I can get a little more..........now thinking about a VX220 as I still want something a bit different. The Z is a great car and still gets attention, but I kinda fancy a change......ill keep you guys posted Cheers Mark
  8. Hi guys.....was looking at P/X my 2003 Z for a Audi TT thats just under 10k........Thing is i find dealers arnt really interested......so how much would you let it go for ? 59K on the clock and immaculate condition.....sunset orange with the tan seats.......i was offered 4.5k and the dealer said it was a stunning example...............so is that a fair p/x price.....i did push for 5k but he wasn't budging, so ive walked Cheers Guys Mark
  9. Hi Bud, I'm following the UK tank club on facebook, and done a few posts.....great club, but as of yet not a member but will be for sure. Mark at Mark 1 Tanks is a great guy as you know and always helpful and has a great aftercare service. Pleased you liked the Abrams from the M.O.D Is amazing for sure I'm going to war and peace this year but not with the tank, just a few mates but will be on the look out for some 1/6 bits to add to it. Ive been doing some modifications to it, so I have now cut out the Barrel sight/door and fitted a lensed camera to kinda match and today opened up anothe
  10. Hi Buddy Its a Roadster on a K plate Doesn't get out much at all ill dig a couple of pics out and pop em on here ! Its had a full restoration and has a Heritage certificate. Its a 1800cc and does sound rather throaty
  11. Hi Buddy, wow your Tanks are superb ! and you certainly know your stuff to have built that amazing PZ11 ! some real good skills there bud and luv the Videos. I'm sure Armortek do one. I had a 1/8 scale Abrams from Mark 1 Tanks but had to sell it on to help fund the Challenger ! The M.O.D actually owned this Abrams and they used it to help train tank crew on where to position your tank. It had a frame fitted to it with a video camera on ! The M.O.D had two of them and when they finished with them a guy rescued, and refurbished them to there current spec......here's a pic of the state
  12. Hi Buddy......believe it or not but the smoker runs on....BABY OIL ! Smokes perfectly....and smells kinda nice lol has a heating elament fitted and all you do is top it up You can buy the proper oil but the Baby oil works just as well and a lot cheaper ! A good tip for anyone running a smoke unit on any scale sized tank
  13. Cheers guys for the Luv of the Chally lol A quick Vid of the Smoker going and with the 360 Turret rotation....sadly no sound due to my Crappy Phone playing up !
  14. Thanks Buddy......it is a bit of a passion of mine.....other than the Z of course The Tank will be off to a couple of shows this year so I need to get it finished and add the numbers and markings on it........oh my days, why didn't I stick with the rc car lol
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