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  1. Dave-350

    Window Motors

    Yea both mine do this, it's the motor. I've been banging the doors on mine for about a year. Banging it knocks the motor in to play. I dare say it's easy to clean them out but ill just buy new ones... Saves me doing it again in a year.
  2. Dave-350

    Window Motors

    Both sides. Providing this is what is stopping my windows going up and down as they should!
  3. Mine should be pretty obvious, you'll hear me
  4. To be honest mate you could do with putting that in the description. It's just something that someone will go all that way to view and knock you down because it was never mentioned, regardless of whether you have priced it with the wheels in mind. It's just worth mentioning these things IMO.
  5. Ha! Managed to get the knob off with some help from my neighbour! (Oohh eer!) Looks slightly second hand now! Bought a 'Nismo style' shifter from tarmac, doesn't seem to have a thread so stuck on installing that now! Was it a Nismo look-a-like? Guessing it should have some sort of plastic insert that is threaded. Mine has.
  6. More muscle and try not to give yourself a black eye!
  7. Sorry I just thought I would check, as some people might think it's bad paint chipping or flaking - That's what I thought it was in the images!
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