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  1. Yes, The Pumpkin aka Jay's old car, has just been sold by myself at 3am!! The new owner lives in Cardiff, so if you see a matte orange beast of a machine, then that'll be him. I will however be spending that money on a honeymoon, happy in the knowledge that I once owned an amazing looking matte orange 3.5ltr V6 Japanese import with orange leather seats. Goodbye all.
  2. I love the idea of this. LOVE IT. Chucking the bikes in the back. Driving around and camping without many / any issues. I would love to drive around Europe in one of these. Great purchase. Most jealous.
  3. Music has been mentioned too much, so I won't say that (though I agree). It's hard to say. I use the net all the time, but can easily cope when on holiday. Same with tv. I think maybe books. Though I don't read loads and loads, I do enjoy it when I do (and I do it a lot more these days).
  4. The helicopter flying overhead!! Wow. Just wow. Reminds me of back home when the Tornado jets used to fly so low that tiles would fly off the roofs of houses!!
  5. I'm often up Cambridge way. Huntingdon is a more frequent visit, but I do pop into lots of the surrounding area. I'll wave if I see you
  6. The Movember people at work are doing a very good job. I always hear people asking why they are doing it, so it's good that they are spreading the word. Michael Owen was on MOTD and he had a very impressive Mo. He still looks 12, but wow he can grow some hair on that lip!
  7. I noticed he was driving a 4WD, the main problem is that these make the owners feel invincible and they take crazy chances. There was a similar accident yesterday in Wales involving a woman driver getting swept away in a Chelsea Tractor, she was very lucky to survive. Its the same in snow too, I've seen numerous 4WD's that have finished up in ditches. Pete So much rain in this area, never seen the fields so flooded. To many 4x4 owners driving around this area taking many risks, when going through deep puddles not slowing down enough and soaking other drivers Agreed. Also it was a great point about a dislodged manhole etc, or some bricks etc. I don't really care if you mess your car up, but it's when you lose control and smash into me, that's the issue.
  8. People need to look into it more. Voters always turn up and ask me who they should vote for! Or they want info from the candidates. I don't have this info and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell them. Yes the info relating to the Police elections was dire (almost none), but there is less of an excuse for local elections. The information is available if people want to search for it. Asking me isn't the answer. Candidates could and should do more, but it all comes down to money. I don't think that compulsory will help, as people will often vote but they will elect based on who they've always voted for and no other reason. I think that a change in technology is needed to attract people who are used to using the internet. If multi-million pound transactions can take place online, then the elections could. You would hit a much younger audience. Of my 150 people that I saw, I would say 5 were under 30 years old!
  9. Just saw this post. I was in charge of one of the stations. Had 150 people visit in total in a quite nice area. Had 2,200 people on my list. Lots of people told me that they were going to spoil their post, which is just pointless. If you wish to moan / complain then you need to write in. No-one cares about spoilt posts. Overall, it was a very easy day, and not much a worse turnout than the last local elections.
  10. There are some massive puddles down here. People are driving through them with no respect at all. They've got no idea what is lurking in them, and they are spraying everyone and everything as they do it. I was expecting to see a car get stuck at some point today in my travels.
  11. I heard the price of the tickets whilst listening to Planet Rock. Wow wow wow. Also, I was at the O2 just the other month. Without doubt, the best sound I've ever heard at a gig. You'll love it.
  12. I have never understood why people think that buying from Apple is selling out? Is buying from Sony, Samsung...Microsoft not selling out? Anyway loving my Macbook Air and my Samsung Galaxy S2. I'd happily switch over to Apple though if the iphone was more affordable on contracts.
  13. Near Chichester myself, so not at all far from you. Welcome.





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