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  1. You won't get a good, reliable full susser for 1200 unless you go mail order unfortunately, unless you buy second hand or get lucky in the sales. You could have a great, lightweight hardtail for that though. If you go that route, get 29" wheels and it'll do nearly anything anyway If you go mail order, you could just try finding someone who has one, or emailing the manufacturer for sizing guides. Do you have any models in mind? Sadly i know its not but could extend the budget if i find the right bike Have been looking at the Kona Tanuki and the Giant Trance. Has anyone had any experience with these? Also saw the Vitus bikes but never heard of them so don't know if they are any good? Thanks H
  2. Hi folks, I am in the market for a new mountain bike. I haven't done xc/trials in 5 years or so and want to get back into it :-) I'm looking around £1200 for a full suspension xc/trials bike, possibly an all mountain and happily to pay a little more. Being drawn towards the giant trance but also the canyons but don't like the fact they are mail order as can't try it. Can anyone help?
  3. Hennerz


    Did you have any luck with this?
  4. THanks Ross not a great photo but here it is anyway
  5. Not a great photo but here is mine with tarmac steps and mines replica in gloss black
  6. Thanks guys, cracking job
  7. Hi all, i have finally got my new wheels (18" rota GTRs) refurbished in gloss black and fitted with 20mm spacers all round. Was fine when I drive it home, about 30 miles but has now developed a juddering noise going over bumps from what sounds like the rear passenger side. I have checked that all the wheel and spacer nuts are at the correct torque. Does anyone know what this could be? Thanks, Hennerz
  8. Welcome to the forum, great example and again best colour
  9. Love it Def going to need to get my bumper resprayed
  10. Paid and being fitted this week Picking up the car up on Saturday
  11. Gutted for you Ian, Hope you get the bastard and RT can sort it out
  12. It is made by RT-performance who is a trader on here
  13. Hennerz

    Arch rolling

    Will be running 18"rota's 9.5 and 8.5 ET 30 with 245 and 225 tryes with 20mm spacers all round. do you think these will need rolling?





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