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*** TORQEN *** TORQEN partnerships with AAM to develop RHD version TwinTurbo kit


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Time to update this topic, considering the really good news we have :)


HaydnH's car now features snails! Turbos, lines, manifolds and shields fit perfectly, both driver side and passenger side, with only one small glitch on the steering knuckle which we're working on with AAM to rectify. The OEM knuckle features a master spline on the end that clamps onto the steering rack, but the uprated one doesn't. Machining will fix this very quickly. We are also working on the beta version of the installation manual which will be provided with every kit.


Some photos taken during this weekend while me and Mikey worked on HaydnH's car:


















Once it's all fitted and all the other upgrades done: CMC, CSC, clutch, flywheel, ARBs, droplinks, short shifter etc we should be ready for some Dyno time :) Shame the engine is not forged to be able to release the whole lot of 1000 bhp the kit is capable of!


Back with more news soon!

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anymore updates on the kit? maybe keen on purchasing and also does this kit keep the factory headlight washers/bottles?


Just working on a solution for the steering knuckle as the one manufactured by the subcontractor for AAM doesn't come with a master spline as the OEM does. Some pics available on page 8.


The 3" exhaust is here, base maps are all done and ready. Won't be very long now.


Yes, the TT kit keeps everything stock.

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Both cars are now completed and with their owners.


I never got a chance to update this thread, sorry!

It's been over 2 years since we started this at TORQEN and looking back it was worth every second of it! Not many believed in us at the time, but we made it happen! 


Well done to everyone involved, congratulations and many, many thanks for your support and help along the way:  the magic team at AAM Competition in USA, @Darren-B and @madmike for the numerous nights spent at @taras@RT-Performance, to @Jez @ H-Dev and his team at Horsham Developments and special thanks to most patient customers in the entire universe, @V1H and @HaydnH.


370z and 350z HR kits are now available in UK exclusively at TORQEN on https://www.torqen.uk and the installation is exclusively available at Horsham Developments. Tuning powered by EcuTek Technologies for the 370z and UpRev for the 350z HR.





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6 hours ago, HaydnH said:

I haven't had a chance to create a thread or anything yet myself either, but I've just uploaded the video of the dyno run to youtube for the benefit of this thread:






Just saw this after my comment on the tyre thred :thumbs:

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