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Paul T is back :-) ......pic heavy !!

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Hi guys. Some of you may remember me from back in the day ..... (Well about 4 years ago lol )   I finally made it to my GTR but the time has come to sell it to do my house extension / large garage.

Had this for a wee while   Built this too 455bhp :-D   Finally got my dream car !!!   Time to build another 350 :-)  

Waiting.....for the first to ask if you still make custom headlights :lol:

Paul you are legend ... glad you're back ... everyone can learn from you !!!


I'm an expert on garages so happy to help if I can ;)



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I do like them :-). But it's like a can of worms with those wide kits lol. Air ride suspension , massive wheels, bigger brakes. Before you know it I've spent my GTR money lol

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I know I've been looking at them all !! Your stuff looks amazing.


Trying not to get carried away with this build :-(


Might be toooooo late, I can feel the modding bug in you, you're not cured yet :lol:


Lol. It's not a bug. It's a lifetime uncurable illness..... I'm sure there's octane booster in my blood !

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