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[SOLD]Genuine Nismo UK GT 350z For Sale (Taddys)

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Just one awesome looking Zed in it's prime. Dont normally do the black wheels on black but that car pulls it off a treat.


The new motor looks just as nice B)

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cheers buddy ;)


What have you got planned with the Rangey?



to be honest I'm pretty much done, it already had the bodykit with it being the HST model and I've added the revere headlights, tinted rear lights, 22" onyx wheels and some colour coding oh and a full stainless exhaust with no silences to let the V8 rumble :teeth: so all thats left is a BAS custom remap and think that will do. i think less is more these days B)

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Thanks Taddy! I just got home.. What a bloody mission that was Mansfield->Kent is a long drive! Was a fun one nonetheless ;)


she did look a beauty in her prime, as I said, should have left her like that and sold for same price!!


I'll try restore her to her former glory, to the extent my better half will allow at least lol.


Was great meeting you Simon, RRS looks nice, shame it was playing up today!

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And in a flash it was gone! the love of my life for nearly 7 years has been ROBBED!! from under me, deffo advertised it too cheap :lol: clockwize is now the new owner of my pride n joy and seems a nice chap so take care of him guys and I've warned him lie be watching so no painting it pink lol Ile still keep popping by and may even make a couple of local meets this year thanks for everything guys its a great forum and I've loved being part of it :teeth:


heres a few pics "In its prime" for those that haven't seen ;)












And heres one of my new baby i bought last year, as you can see I've already been Taddy-fying it :blush:




By chuff nuggets, this was a gorgeous car, in it's prime! Gutted!

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