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  1. I would never have guessed!! as you should know some newer cars don't feel as good as the old ones
  2. Mines a 54 plate with only 35,000 on I paid £8000 6 months ago and then spent a £1000 on it with zeditis it is mint tho best driving car
  3. My oem exhaust sounded fantastic I then found out it was blowing so has a stainless cobra fitted which ended up sounded quiter
  4. It is there thought they should of had a check sheet to ask you one of the checks would be 2 keys
  5. The best colour grey with tan leather
  6. Is there no one who could re-furb one u could then have it in any colour
  7. Was thinking of selling my 350 for a 370 are they much better
  8. I was thinking of changing my badges to gloss black ones on my grey z only place I can find them is on ebay for £49.99 or offers can't see to get them any cheaper though any idea if I can get them anywhere else
  9. Error 02 9e was the code prob faulty laser





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