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Fitting 25mm Spacers - idiots guide


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Ok - so was quicker off the mark than the rest of you vultures and acquired The G Mans spacers :p


Ready to go




Mustn't forget to remove this




That was easy !!




Spacers on




Before Front




Fitted Front




Before Rear




Fitted Rear




Rear Side Before




Rear Side After




Rear Stance Before




Rear Stance Fitted




2 things I've learnt from this


1. I need a breaker bar

2. My back is NOT as strong as I thought it was :surrender:


2 of my bolts were on so tight I thought I was going to have to pop to my local garage - when I did get them off - there was a lot of white powder - so some form of corrosive action going on ???

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Are 20mm spacers deep enough to cover the stock bolts? I think I would prefer 20mm spacers instead of 25mm



Not on my 370 at the front.


I tried slip spacers to get the 23mm clearance necessary, but they led to the discs getting distorted ( the slip spacer alloy got 'crushed' unevenly) hence I use 25mm spacers all round.

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Nice one Andy :thumbs:


Trust you torqued up your nuts correctly ;)


And cleaned the hubs faces :thumbs:


Must be ok as it was last September !




and done a fair few thousand miles since then - and all 4 wheels still attached :thumbs:

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