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Official List of UK FI zeds

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646bhp / 600 ft.lbs at the fly. 1.2 bar boost. Will run more when I swap out the wastegate springs


Brief spec:

H-Dev VQ35DE forged engine with closed deck

Forged CP pistons + steel rods

Kelford cams

GTM turbo kit with a few modifications

2 x GT2871R turbos

ID1000 injectors

H-Dev fuel system

Syvecs S6+ ECU with H-Dev loom

Accusump (could do with a dry sump system to be honest)

Loads of additional sensors: oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant pressure, 2 x EGT, 2 x lambda, fuel pressure, 4 x ride height sensors (to help to develop the aero)




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On 05/09/2017 at 20:59, ZMANALEX said:

1. Wizard: 350z Vortech v3 3:13 pulley, DE bone stock motor, 13psi, UpRev, 450bhp / 400lb/ft @hubs, over 10k boosted miles - BLOWN - NOW NEEDING REBUILD

2. Sam McGoo: 350z Vortech V2 3:33 pulley,'54 DE stock engine, 9.14psi, UpRev 402 HP/336lb/ft @hubs 25k boosted on a 27k engine

3. 4Re Leather: 350z GTM S/CSmall pulley, '09 HR Stock Engine, 10.35psi, 464.5bhp/383.3lb/ft @hubs, 2k boosted on a 17k engine

4. Oskaben: SOLD: 350z Vortech v2 Supercharger, 5k boosted on 36k engine

5. Darren-B: SOLD: 350z Vortech V3 standard pulley, '54 DE stock engine, ??psi, UpRev, 429 HP/???lb/ft @hubs 7k boosted on a 68k engine. SOLD: 370z GTM 1.5 SC 445 RWHP /??? Lb/ft 6k boosted when I sold it on a 8k engine

6. Kev T: 370z GTM Stage 1 SC, VQ37HR stock, 7.5psi, UpRev, 432bhp/ 367ft/lb @hubs torque with standard pulley

7. PlanetSurfer2: 350z GTM TT, stock 'HR motor, 6psi, Uprev Tune, 415bhp and 376lb/ft @hubs, over 4k boosted miles so far

8. Keyser: SOLD: 350z Vortech v2, 3:12 pulley, fully forged 'DE engine, Haltech Platinum Pro ECU, 458bhp / 367lb/ft w/out Nos, 503bhp / 429lb/ft w/ Nos @hubs. 4k boosted miles. NEW: 370z GTM 1.5 SC 445 RWHP /??? Lb/ft

9. andy james: 9. andy james: 350z GTM S/C, small pulley, Fully forged and balanced HR motor, UpRev, 463 bhp/376lb/ft @hubs. 7k total boosted on engine

10. djtimo: 350z APS TT Garrett Kit, fully forged 'DE block, UpRev, 11 psi, 469bhp / 448 lb/ft @hubs:

11. jables: 350z SFR TT, DE stock engine, 7.2psi, UpRev, 404bhp / 380lb/ft @hubs, over 20k boosted on a 37k engine

12. OllyB: 350z GTM S/C, standard pulley, Abbey Motorsport forged engine, bc rods + Ross pistons, 9 psi, Uprev, 471bhp / 371 lb/ft @hubs

13. D12BHP: 350z Vortech V2 Si Trim 3.13 Pulley, fully forged engine.... @ 15psi...

14. GT4 Zed: SOLD: 350z Vortech V2 T trim 2.87 pulley and fluidampr 6.125 crank pulley. 15.9psi 424whp/ 370lbft

15. octet: SOLD: 350z Vortech V2 430rwhp and 360lb/ft torque. NEW: 370z 7AT GReddy Twin Turbo - 553BHP | 465lb/ft on stock engine and 1000bhp built auto gearbox, 8psi, boosted at 22k

16. evilscorp: 350z Vortech V3 Sci, 3.33 pulley, stock engine, boosted 20 miles, 0.1 in anger 428.2hp 370ftlb (flywheel) 358.6 real whp 0.6bar

17. A9H-RX: 350z APS TT KIT Fully Forged Cosworth Internals 'DE Block, 10psi, 502BHP / 455lb/ft @ fly, 20k+ boosted

18. TheChubbyNinja - 350z Vortech V3 SCi, VQ35DE stock, 10psi, UpRev tune, 408.9@ the hub / 336ft/lb torque with 3.12 pulley

19. GMballistic: SOLD - 350Z GT Coupe, Vortech V3 Sci, VQ35DE stock, 3.12" pulley, UpRev tune, 436Bhp@ fly / 368 ft/lbs

20. Clarkie - 350z GT Coupe - Vortech V2, 3.12" Pulley - Uprev Tune - 413.5 @ the hub / 345 ft/lb torque

21. dajw - Stillen Supercharger (Vortech V3) 9lb pulley, test pipes on stock exhaust: 488bhp, 360 lb/ft

22. TT350 - Power Enterprise twin turbo, stock boost, TDI North decats, Scorpion Y pipe back, Motordyne plenum spacer 431.5bhp/360ib/ft tq.

23: ZMANALEX - 350Z Roadster DE Forge Built: Twin Turbo: To many parts to mention: 666.8bhp at hubs: 563.9 lb/ft. 1.3 bar  Syvecs S6+  720bhp at the hubs and 680 lbs ft. at 1.6 bar: Work in progress:

24. Vlad - 350Z DE, stock block, Vortech V3 with 3.12" pulley. Supporting mods. 422.6bhp@hubs and 335.6lb/ft.

25. P15UL T - 350z DE, stock block, vortech V2 with 3.12 pulley, supporting mods. 434.7bhp@hubs and 343.3lb/ft

26. Keyser - 370z GTM Stage 1.5 SC, VQ37HR stock, 7.0psi, UpRev, 440bhp@hubs and ???ft/lb torque (I'll dig the dyno out)

27. Taybo - 350z Revup - Stillen S/C 'tuner', VQ35DE stock, Uprev, 8psi, 370bhp and 350 lb/ft

28. Scobie140 - 350z DE Stock block, Vortech V3 3.12" pulley 405bhp @hubs 340lb/ft


29. EzeePzee - 350Z DE, APS TT and supporting mods (Uprev, 11psi boost) 392bhp @ wheels.  

Edited by EzeePzee

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1. Wizard: 350z Vortech v3 3:13 pulley, DE bone stock motor, 13psi, UpRev, 450bhp / 400lb/ft @hubs, over 10k boosted miles - BLOWN. New: Forged DE, v3 2.87, 490bhp / 427lb/ft @ hubs. More to come shortly! :stir:

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On 07/04/2018 at 15:55, EzeePzee said:

29. EzeePzee - 350Z DE, APS TT and supporting mods (Uprev, 8psi boost) 392bhp @ wheels & ??? Lbft (TBC). 

30. Diggerman - 350Z HR, custom rear mount turbo and supporting mods, Uprev from ti north, 10psi 465bhp and 417ftlb but currently on 5k rev limit due to maxing out injectors, will update soon 

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