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  1. Diggerman


    Just wondered if anyone has a copy of a 2008 HR stock map?
  2. If it's not too damaged I'll take it if you still have it? And don't mind posting? Unless your in north east and then I'll pick it up
  3. Any kind any colour, preference to black and oem though
  4. Is this a nismo bumper or side skirt?
  5. Thought I'd add a few photos from the gallery gaskets, thought id add a touch of colour to match the silicone one thing I did notice while I was about to put the sump back on was a piece of gasket was stuck in the oil pick up so if anyones doing it themselves make sure to have a look in there
  6. The oil feed is t'd in from the pressure switch using an4 braided hose, and then drain is an10 to scavenge pump back to upper sump via bulkhead fitting drilled in, well I have no issues with boost down low in the sense of what I want from the car, but, you could go quite small with turbo size if you only want a little more power but even then how much lower you can get the boost online in my eyes would be negligible, let's face it if need power from sub 2500rpm then your in wrong gear that's how I see it anyway
  7. Thanks it's a labour of almost love Haha just need to get everything finished off engine wise then get back to the interior
  8. It's just a cheap Chinese gt35 until I'm confident in the oil system, probably go for genuine Garrett once I am, I looked at a few other makes but cant make my mind up yet so may change, do you mean the oil hoses?
  9. So I started the dreaded gallery gaskets tonight, got home from work at 5 and tried to get on with as much as I could hoping to be ready when the gaskets arrive from Torqen. I havnt done a DIY but I'll put some pics up and if anyone wants to ask questions then fire away Managed quite a bit in just 3 hours, I need to rethink the crank pulley bolt though as my impact gun didnt budge it :/ Found that my radiator is a little worse for wear but it's a little silver lining I suppose as I don't fancy that going on me when I'm out so upgrade it is Got to the cam cover at last and the moment of truth, was my low oil pressure definitely the gallery gaskets? Thankfully yes, you can see in the picture it's totally blown out but I've got the new gaskets on the way anyway.
  10. Yeah that was exactly my thinking but soon as peoe hear its rear mounted the laughs and scoffs come out about how laggy it "must be!" But I think with a few more tweaks I shouldn't be noticeably different to normal placement systems at least not on butt dynos anyway
  11. Well things have been quiet for another couple of weeks dur to working non stop and trying to get back on top of the house refurb. Found d a few photos of underneath though as I've has a few people asking on Facebook for details. First one being when we got the Turbosmart 45mm hypergate fitted which by the way is a very nice bit of kit for 300quid! And the second was when we started making the framework to support the weight using the existing exhaust hangers. I'm going to try and make a short clip of a pull as some people keep telling me how laggy it must be when in reality it's not really. I've still got some more fine tuning tuning to do on the EBC but I've got it dialled in so far that it will start generating boost at approx 2500rpm and I'm on full boost by roughly 3300rpm (I need to record it to make sure) so I don't think 800rpm of lag is to bad, or is it? I'd be more than happy to hear peoples opinions
  12. So over the last couple of weeks I've managed to fix the boost issue, and then, hit a deer and smash my bumper canards and power steering cooler to bits. Firstly I tracked the boost issue down to a faulty solenoid on the boost controller, only when I cut the wires to put on a new genuine mac valve did I see the one already on wasn't the greddy original and was infact a fake mac valve. Could have so easily blew the engine. Then after travelling to my mums (in the sticks) Haha I was greeted by a deer, which decided to meet my canards and front quarter, needless to say we both lost out. He died and so did the car with power steering fluid all over the road. So bought a new 4 core from toyosports and got that fitted so hopefully future proof any issues that appear from being on track.
  13. I'll try that one again then, that's where I went first time round but didnt work :/
  14. Ahh, this why I'm struggling cause I don't think anyone taken photos of the actual joined wires lol Which plug did you go into? Was it the grey one joined with a yellow one at the back or the white one by itself on the side?



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