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  1. Can understand using the cheap turbo till your happy that’s a good call are you feeding oil from sump to turbo then scavenge pump back ?? I’ve been looking at the holset vgt turbo to help with low Down spool but not sure wot size then your having no trouble making boost nice and low so not so sure now lol what size exhaust tube and charge pipe you using as I know that’s the art with rear mounts balancing them all out
  2. Nice build really interested what you have used on the rear mount turbo on my list to do next but so hard finding info on it like turbo to use a s pipe sizes looks like your getting good results here tho
  3. Got to b ark grip fitted mine last Friday and loving it couldn't believe how well it fitted bolted it straight up where it sat and it exited spot on no jiggling I was very expressed definitely worth the extra No droning in car at any speed although on first fitting I thought it was a tad on the quiet side it's definitely not a howler but just came through dartford tunnel at it comes alive as u give it some and then there's the look from behind there's no better exhaust out there on looks
  4. Hi all thought I better say hello Had my z now 18 months and loving every mile I do in it took a long time to find it as wanted best I could afford at time which was a 2008 roadster with 30,000 on the clock fnsh in like new condition was over the moon Since owning it have started to find some of the bad bits of them like window motors packing up which I rebuilt , noisey thrust race bearing which for now I'm living with till clutch lets go all the same I still love owning it Over last year I Treated her to some rota grid wheels which I think suit it and just ordered the ark exhaust which should b here in next or so next will b coil overs to bring her down on the 19s but need to do my home work on here to see which ones suit my budget best so any ideas I will listen anyway best go do my house chores or will get moaned at when the exhaust arrives 😂 All the best Tel A petrol head through to the bone 😂😂
  5. They never used to have the adjustable ends which I think I preferred but might have to get used to new look as love how they look under back of car
  6. Def best exhaust out there tho did u get from Tarmac sport ??
  7. Hi have they changed the tips on the ark system now they use to look more like the stock tips rather than just hollow ??



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