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  1. My mileage was fine the other day then after I washed it now the bottom part of my mileage isn’t displaying. Has anyone else had problems & can anymore recommend anyone to fix it in the Midlands? It’s a 2004.
  2. Yeh I've got a Azure 350Z too & was in Burton Monday night & a few weeks before too. Mines got a private plate on though.
  3. Saw a nice Azure blue 350Z at Litte Eaton Island in Derby on Sunday with bodykit & black Nissan Badges. I was sat in Starbucks having a coffee saw the car out of the window. lol
  4. Right fitted my Ark exhaust today. Sounds lovely. Not sure on the adjustable pipes though makes it look abit cheap would rather them be solid rather than a sleeve with long bolts in.
  5. Samu23 where abouts are you? Would like the undertray but my exhaust is blowing so need to get that replaced too. So seeing if your local ...
  6. Traced where it is blowing from? If it's still OEM, it's most likely gonna be the flange where the mid pipe meets the backbox, most workshops should be able to delete the flange section and weld a pipesection in it's place as a temporary solution. Yep it's the flange at the back. Will just run my mini intill sorted the exhaust I think
  7. Really need to sort my exhaust out. It's blowing bad now. It's literally gone in 1 day 😩
  8. I'm thinking of going for the Ark Grip I think.
  9. I live in Swadlincote & work on Pride Park Derby
  10. How much are Ark systems?
  11. Right my exhaust has now started blowing. So it's nice for a new exhaust. What do people recommend?
  12. Welcome to the forum. I'm from Swadlincote but work in Derby.
  13. I have a bonnet going spare but it's in Azure blue & it's pre HR. That's why I have removed it to fit a HR bonnet. In very good condition apart from afew stone chips.
  14. Silver 350 spotted just off Swarkestone Bridge at about 5.45pm





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