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Official List of UK FI zeds

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646bhp / 600 ft.lbs at the fly. 1.2 bar boost. Will run more when I swap out the wastegate springs


Brief spec:

H-Dev VQ35DE forged engine with closed deck

Forged CP pistons + steel rods

Kelford cams

GTM turbo kit with a few modifications

2 x GT2871R turbos

ID1000 injectors

H-Dev fuel system

Syvecs S6+ ECU with H-Dev loom

Accusump (could do with a dry sump system to be honest)

Loads of additional sensors: oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant pressure, 2 x EGT, 2 x lambda, fuel pressure, 4 x ride height sensors (to help to develop the aero)




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On 05/09/2017 at 20:59, ZMANALEX said:

1. Wizard: 350z Vortech v3 3:13 pulley, DE bone stock motor, 13psi, UpRev, 450bhp / 400lb/ft @hubs, over 10k boosted miles - BLOWN - NOW NEEDING REBUILD

2. Sam McGoo: 350z Vortech V2 3:33 pulley,'54 DE stock engine, 9.14psi, UpRev 402 HP/336lb/ft @hubs 25k boosted on a 27k engine

3. 4Re Leather: 350z GTM S/CSmall pulley, '09 HR Stock Engine, 10.35psi, 464.5bhp/383.3lb/ft @hubs, 2k boosted on a 17k engine

4. Oskaben: SOLD: 350z Vortech v2 Supercharger, 5k boosted on 36k engine

5. Darren-B: SOLD: 350z Vortech V3 standard pulley, '54 DE stock engine, ??psi, UpRev, 429 HP/???lb/ft @hubs 7k boosted on a 68k engine. SOLD: 370z GTM 1.5 SC 445 RWHP /??? Lb/ft 6k boosted when I sold it on a 8k engine

6. Kev T: 370z GTM Stage 1 SC, VQ37HR stock, 7.5psi, UpRev, 432bhp/ 367ft/lb @hubs torque with standard pulley

7. PlanetSurfer2: 350z GTM TT, stock 'HR motor, 6psi, Uprev Tune, 415bhp and 376lb/ft @hubs, over 4k boosted miles so far

8. Keyser: SOLD: 350z Vortech v2, 3:12 pulley, fully forged 'DE engine, Haltech Platinum Pro ECU, 458bhp / 367lb/ft w/out Nos, 503bhp / 429lb/ft w/ Nos @hubs. 4k boosted miles. NEW: 370z GTM 1.5 SC 445 RWHP /??? Lb/ft

9. andy james: 9. andy james: 350z GTM S/C, small pulley, Fully forged and balanced HR motor, UpRev, 463 bhp/376lb/ft @hubs. 7k total boosted on engine

10. djtimo: 350z APS TT Garrett Kit, fully forged 'DE block, UpRev, 11 psi, 469bhp / 448 lb/ft @hubs:

11. jables: 350z SFR TT, DE stock engine, 7.2psi, UpRev, 404bhp / 380lb/ft @hubs, over 20k boosted on a 37k engine

12. OllyB: 350z GTM S/C, standard pulley, Abbey Motorsport forged engine, bc rods + Ross pistons, 9 psi, Uprev, 471bhp / 371 lb/ft @hubs

13. D12BHP: 350z Vortech V2 Si Trim 3.13 Pulley, fully forged engine.... @ 15psi...

14. GT4 Zed: SOLD: 350z Vortech V2 T trim 2.87 pulley and fluidampr 6.125 crank pulley. 15.9psi 424whp/ 370lbft

15. octet: SOLD: 350z Vortech V2 430rwhp and 360lb/ft torque. NEW: 370z 7AT GReddy Twin Turbo - 553BHP | 465lb/ft on stock engine and 1000bhp built auto gearbox, 8psi, boosted at 22k

16. evilscorp: 350z Vortech V3 Sci, 3.33 pulley, stock engine, boosted 20 miles, 0.1 in anger 428.2hp 370ftlb (flywheel) 358.6 real whp 0.6bar

17. A9H-RX: 350z APS TT KIT Fully Forged Cosworth Internals 'DE Block, 10psi, 502BHP / 455lb/ft @ fly, 20k+ boosted

18. TheChubbyNinja - 350z Vortech V3 SCi, VQ35DE stock, 10psi, UpRev tune, 408.9@ the hub / 336ft/lb torque with 3.12 pulley

19. GMballistic: SOLD - 350Z GT Coupe, Vortech V3 Sci, VQ35DE stock, 3.12" pulley, UpRev tune, 436Bhp@ fly / 368 ft/lbs

20. Clarkie - 350z GT Coupe - Vortech V2, 3.12" Pulley - Uprev Tune - 413.5 @ the hub / 345 ft/lb torque

21. dajw - Stillen Supercharger (Vortech V3) 9lb pulley, test pipes on stock exhaust: 488bhp, 360 lb/ft

22. TT350 - Power Enterprise twin turbo, stock boost, TDI North decats, Scorpion Y pipe back, Motordyne plenum spacer 431.5bhp/360ib/ft tq.

23: ZMANALEX - 350Z Roadster DE Forge Built: Twin Turbo: To many parts to mention: 666.8bhp at hubs: 563.9 lb/ft. 1.3 bar  Syvecs S6+  720bhp at the hubs and 680 lbs ft. at 1.6 bar: Work in progress:

24. Vlad - 350Z DE, stock block, Vortech V3 with 3.12" pulley. Supporting mods. 422.6bhp@hubs and 335.6lb/ft.

25. P15UL T - 350z DE, stock block, vortech V2 with 3.12 pulley, supporting mods. 434.7bhp@hubs and 343.3lb/ft

26. Keyser - 370z GTM Stage 1.5 SC, VQ37HR stock, 7.0psi, UpRev, 440bhp@hubs and ???ft/lb torque (I'll dig the dyno out)

27. Taybo - 350z Revup - Stillen S/C 'tuner', VQ35DE stock, Uprev, 8psi, 370bhp and 350 lb/ft

28. Scobie140 - 350z DE Stock block, Vortech V3 3.12" pulley 405bhp @hubs 340lb/ft


29. EzeePzee - 350Z DE, APS TT and supporting mods (Uprev, 8psi boost) 392bhp @ wheels & ??? Lbft (TBC). 

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1. Wizard: 350z Vortech v3 3:13 pulley, DE bone stock motor, 13psi, UpRev, 450bhp / 400lb/ft @hubs, over 10k boosted miles - BLOWN. New: Forged DE, v3 2.87, 490bhp / 427lb/ft @ hubs. More to come shortly! :stir:

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