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Back from RS Tuning


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After getting the new zorst and cats fitted last week,made the trek down to RS tuning at Leeds to have the plenum spacer fitted and Uprev loaded into the car.

Specky took twenty minutes or so to fit the plenum spacer and then it was down to Paul to do his stuff with the uprev software.Straight off it looked like the spacer added around 10BHP,after around 20 runs on the dyno and Paul tweaking the fuel ratios and cam timing we got to the best figure he could achieve 311BHP :yahoo:


Once done we took it out for a wee spin and straight away the feel of the car was totally different, power was on tap right away,and top end just kept going and going :thumbs:

A big thanks to the guys of RS tuning for the work done and good crack. :thumbs:

So,summing it up after having the car on motorway for a couple of hours and then a couple of days of 'normal' driving around i'd recommend the uprev totally.

couple of pics of plenum spacer fitted and dyno result.





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Good numbers there :thumbs:


Wow not only good numbers but that's a great time in which to fit the spacer. Well impressed, I'm sure I got charged an hour's labour for that!

Had mine fitted by BigPhil's mech and by the time I'd had a cuppa and biccies, a quick tour around his workshop and shop, it was done. Saying that, there is something to be said for taking your time too ;)

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Cheers guys for the comments,am well pleased with the results,the car drives so much better as a daily drive :thumbs:


Nice one mate.


Looks and sounds like you are well chuffed with the results.


What's next.......? :lol:


new back end, sills and front lip mate B);)

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Very nice overall package, excellent figures too, B):thumbs: I'm soooo tempted by the Berks, might have to have another little run out in Will350z's Zed :surrender:


That figure is impressive for the 276bhp engine!!! What exhaust, cats and plenum spacer you fit?


viewtopic.php?f=62&t=54483&p=786599#p786599 :disguise:


Stop fannying around and buy a set Grezza :lol:

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