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Cone Air Filter Replacement


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I want to replace the air filter on my 06 JDM as it has been on since my purchase (3 years ago) and not sure when it was originally installed.


It’s an API brand but can only find replacements in Japan. Do I need to use the same brand? I can’t tell if it’s a cotton or stainless?


I’ve attached some pictures


Thank you in advance!







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If you're going to spend the money replacing the filter have you considered other options? 


It looks like it'd just be sucking in hot air so a proper CAI or the original airbox with a decent drop in filter would be better performance wise? 

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I think it's proven that you can't really beat a standard Rev-up airbox with a good drop in filter when it comes to performance. 


However some people swear by CAI kits, which look great but they never really appealed to me due to how much effort they are to fit and then get to the filter when it needs cleaning/replacing. Also they're a lot lower down so more exposed to water etc. 


The gains/losses are pretty marginal so if you're happy with the look/sound of the cone filter you've got now I wouldn't worry about it too much, just giving you more ideas to consider. 

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3 hours ago, Osakakev said:

Thanks Paul.


Do I need to make any modifications to put the original back? Car has some expensive mods so surprised they would have changed it if original is better unless it was just for sound?


Quite possibly, it may have been remapped with that cone filter on and switching back to an OEM setup even with a decent drop in filter could upset the car / map as you'll be changing the air / fuel ratio 


Truthfully, I'd be surprised if the above happened as others have said, the gains would be marginal but it's something to be aware of. If it were me, I'd probably be looking for a decent branded cone filter, they're all roughly the same and do the same job 

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