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Picked up the zed's replacement today...


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I work for JLR so can give you my opinion on the F-type. 


The V6 you're referring to is the Ford AJ126 engine, same block as the 5L AJ133 just with a shorter head. 

They're great engines and plenty quick enough, but very thirsty due to the supercharger. 

Lovely looking cars but the tech inside the later ones is a bit dated because it hasn't been updated much since the release. 

The manual box isn't great so the auto would be my choice. 


Personally I wouldn't own any of our cars out of warranty. 



Back to the R8 (happy to discuss other cars some more but please start another thread)... 


The 0-60 is around 4 seconds, the main difference I've noticed coming from the zed is that the handling and grip is just superb. 

Can't really say much about top end, apparently it'll do 180mph but I'm not willing to risk my license so I'd need to be on the autobahn or a track to attempt that. 

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21 hours ago, pintopete58 said:

A very important bit of info .

Now I'm looking at a f type 3 litre S Witch is 380 bhp 0 60 4.8 and un restricted to 170mph plus.

And road tax is half of the  370 before 2017 .

And body own or can send me in right direction cheers 


Good shout. They look good but they're not as reliable and are heavier. Neither is a Porsche 😂. I still want it though. I guess ill learn fast either way!

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Spring cleaning time. Got it up on axle stands and removed the wheels so I could give everything a more thorough clean now that the last of the winter salt is gone from the roads (yay!). 


Whilst there I removed the new style R8 logos from the brake callipers that one of the previous owners decided to plaster over the originals. 

Doesn't look too bad in the photo but they were all peeling plus that logo isn't correct for the age of the car, so it was bugging me. 


It's the first time I've really been under the car and it was nice to find no unpleasant surprises. Also can't believe how clean and rust free everything is considering it's 14 years old, I guess that's the difference between German aluminium and the zed's Japanese steel. 







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With the nicer weather and longer days here at last I finally had time to clay & wax after the usual wash. I used Bilt Hamber Autoclay (medium) & Bilt Hamber double speed wax, plus I coated all the exterior glass with Gtechniq G1 clearvision.

Just a single step DA polish when I get the chance and the paintwork will be up to the standard I'd like. 


It was MOT time on Monday. I'm always a bit nervous when it's the first one in my ownership, you never know how honest the last test was. 

Thankfully it passed through with no advisories and the tester even commented how clean the emmisons were, which was a nice change to the zed scraping through with it's HFCs 😅


Lastly I added some custom wind deflectors 3D printed by someone in the USA on the R8 forum. Surprising how much such a little piece of plastic does actually help with the noise! 







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