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Headlight bulbs / night driving


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Hi all - just getting to grips with driving the Z - mines a 2012 GT edition and loving it so far.  

I’ve definitely been spoilt by the lighting on my other (sensible) car 2018 Audi A6 - to the point that I’m finding driving at night on B roads to be a little too dicey.


I’ve seen the aftermarket light clusters which look like a long term solution, however I’d be keen to hear people’s recommendations around replacements for the standard bulbs.  I’m looking for maximum legal, usable, light output on the dipped beam.  Are there bulbs that provide a greater throw, in real life scenarios - marketing from Osram etc can be a little misleading in real terms.


many thanks,


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I would've thought your GT was a HID bulb, and if that's the case most factory HIDs are a brightness scale of 4300K. You could consider upping the brightness up to a 6000k bulb, this will give you a much brighter whiter light for not alot of money. But don't be fooled into these kits that are 8000K etc. Due to the light spectrum and how it works you actually start dropping in light output after 6K. That is the maximum you want to go, I've done this in several of my vehicles and have been pleasantly happy with the difference. Expect a decent branded HID bulb to set you back anywhere between 50-100+ each

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Yes the bulb is what you need as the projector lens all Z from 2006. The 370 does take HID. 6000k is perfect and doesnt give off that irritating to others blue light. In terms of lumens i cant see the brightness being brighter with all that blue than a pure white light. 6000k may have a hint of blue to make the light cooler instead of warmer like the yellowish ones.

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