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Not been on here for a while.

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Hi all.


Not been on here for a while as I sold my 350 Zed, car is still on here with the new owner, I went over to the dark side

and got a SLK 55AMG. Now looking for another Zed so I'm back..!!  



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Hi all,


I’m planning to make an offer for a 350z, 53 Reg, around 148,000 miles.


This will be my first sports car if you would like. I haven’t inspected it at all and I plan to do so with a mate who works as a mechanic so has more insights.

1. What do I look out for during my inspection?

2. How can I tell if this car was look after? 
3. If we identify issues or works to be done, What would be a reasonable offer without offending the owner? 
4. Are they worth and do they hold its value?




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1. At that age, rust will be the big one outside of normal things to look at. 
2. You can’t, outside of asking questions (97+Ron used all the time?). How clean it is is a good marker as to how the owner has cared for it. 
3. Depends what they are and what they will cost to fix. 
4. Depends. Without knowing the car I’d say anywhere between £5k-£7k and nothing is dropping in value atm. 

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