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2023 Ford Mustang is going ......


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21 hours ago, GranTurismoEra said:

Why bother with designing a proper dash. Just chuck screens there. Seats are nice though 


Yeah the dash looks weird if you ask me. I can vouch for the seats, same as mine in the Mach 1, although mine are full leather. 


Overall I think it looks a bit fugly, not worth the upgrade for an extra 20hp 😂

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Better late than never. 9 months screening complete by DVLA lol...I think they could have designed a slicker dash and integrated a curve screen somehow. That doesn't make it look like an afterthought. But this style is the way many manufacturers are heading



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May just be to appease DVLA. Like the EU Supra has been dynoed at 370HP-380HP even though its stated at 335HP. May still be the case. DVLA/DVSA are not going to dyno the cars lol. Bloody GPF OPF gets switched out by new owners anyway

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