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Track days


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For someone who's just got his hands onto a track toy, what should I worry about from a logistics point of view? 


I want to drive the car to and from my local track, I've got some funds to make it a once a month habit but aside from a helmet, I'm a little naive to it all. 


Anyone care to help a noob?

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What toy is it?


Tbh you can go right to the extremes of trailers and spares and all sorts, but tbh all I ever did was make sure the car was sorted in terms of fluids, brakes and tyres (as in plenty of all) before the day, then enjoying the day as much as possible. 

I would recommend a decent set of thin soles driving shoes above all else, and a good pair of race gloves too. Track driving is about driving at the edges, and you want as much feel as you can get from your feet and as much grip as your hands can give you. And don’t ever be afraid to cough up for some tuition: if you know your car you might now know the track, and vice versa. Good tuition will pay dividends to the experience :) 

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M4 is pretty much track ready anyway, if youre a n00b then Id just get out there, do a day and see how it gets on. I personally dont do the glove and bootie thing (if youre wearing booties then you need to be fast 😉), Id put money into uprated brake pads, decent tyres and a if you get properly into it a seat too, makes a massive difference if youre not being flung about all over the gaff :lol: 

Biggest issue for me is always tyres, PS4S etc. will always go off in the dry but Cups and the like can be a bit hairy in the rain; that said youd probably expect to do at least a couple of days before youre pushing to the extent your tyres are melting. 

Basically check the cars fluids are all OK, drop the tyre pressures a bit when you get there, put on a helmet and enjoy yourself, theres not much more to worry about until you get a lot more serious 👍    

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3 hours ago, Umster said:

Anyone got any good advice for track insurance? And what happens for car insurance which states no track coverage? I've heard rumours that some insurance companies check some tracks for photos of cars on track


If you need any help with track day insurance then please feel free to drop me a line.



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