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Nismo 370z arch trims and catback exhaust


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G'day 😁


I'm looking for a complete set of the arch extension mouldings that Nismo 370s come with from factory on all 4 corners ideally in storm white. The previous owner removed mine I assume due to being lowered 


I'm also in the market for a cat back exhaust, ideally something branded like an invidia Gemini, or an Ark Grip V2. These are my preferred choice so if anyone has one for sale then please let me know. Must be in reasonable condition though, not interested if it's been battered against the floor!

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32 minutes ago, Olly350z said:

Given the very few videos I've been able to find on YouTube I don't think it's for me bud. Might be people running decats but too raspy for my liking unless you can show me otherwise? Thanks for the offer though 




It is ha! Thats why i dont like it, was going to sell and get a tomei

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Too noisy for me I'm afraid 😨 Ideally after an ARK grip, invidia or along those lines as YouTube videos show it being relatively quiet with stock cats. My extreme modification days are behind me now but I do want a little grumble as stock is way too quiet 






















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15 hours ago, GranTurismoEra said:

How much are the trims new lol


Why was it "tampered" with in the first place by the previous owner. 😆


Without them there its difficult to say, but I'd imagined it might have rubbed where its lowered and got the wheel spacers. My thoughts as I've got coilovers to go on was to raise it a tad and hopefully replace them 

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