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Differential Oil Advice


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My car was imported with a non standard LSD. It's a two (maybe 3) way locking one for drifting but I use it for normal road use.


As only the internals were changed no one could tell me exactly what make it was and therefore what oil I should use. I decided to get the existing oil analysed so I would know for sure.


Got the results today and the said it's 75w80 but I should use 75w90....


Opie oils say the same as 75w80 is too thin.


Diff is connected to ARC oil cooler if that makes a difference


Just after some advice, I hoped the analysis would get the doubt out of my mind with what to use





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Thank you both.


I don't mind what goes in as long as it's not going to damage the diff. I was going to use 350z recommend 75w90 but hesitated as diff was non standard 


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Avoid the confusion

If you have a plated LSD diff, best always to use the correct fluid even if slightly more expensive than other similar types.

You want a fluid that is designed for plate type LSD's, (providing that you have a plate type LSD) reduces chatter, prolongs life, and has the characteristics of a low friction loss but at the same time provides high levels of lubrication.

You really require to know what brand of LSD you actually have fitted to be able to make an informed choice of fluids.

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Thank you.


The problem is I don't know and every place I ask don't have a clue so I thought analysing the oil would solve the problem lol


Going in the assumption the previous owner in Japan knew would 75w80 be a bad choice or better stick to 75w90? The usage of the previous owner was not likely to be commuting like me (probably street drifting) so maybe that influenced decision on oil viscosity 











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18 minutes ago, SWoMP said:

Thanks Alex. I cant find the last time mine was changed!! 

Then best to change the VLSD fluid and the 6 speed manual transmission fluids with fresh genuine Nissan fluids.


Also add a tube of Moly to the gearbox.


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I've ordered the VLSD fluid so will be done.


I know gearbox is ok as it had a full rebuild overhaul (with £1k worth of parts!) a couple of years ago, and oil was changed again last month (after 1k miles).


Thanks again.

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