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Simon's 08 350z HR Log


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Hello all,

Thought it was time to get my build thread going. A few weeks ago I picked up an 08 350z GT HR, with 53k on the clock. I ended up paying about £10.6k which for the current pricing hikes didn't think was too bad for the exact model. I've owned a few different cars (and bikes) in the past including a Clio 182 Trophy and a Fabia VRS but moved to London 7 years ago and got rid of my car. I've recently moved to Bristol and it was a good excuse to get a performance car again but there wasn't much else around 10k that I found interesting. I specifically wanted a HR model for the better performance out of the box and this one seemed to fit the bill.


I do have a few things planned over time but here are some photos of the car in it's standard form as it was in the ad:
















I have modest plans for the Zed. A few bolt on changes and then a remap, not expecting much but would like to 'optimise' it. Maybe a few subtle exterior mods, but I like it looking OEM plus so nothing crazy.


More to come.

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A quick update, took the car for it's 54k service at Horsham Developments. My first time using the folks there, no idea how some lowered cars make it up that country lane😅and never seen so many Zeds in one place:




£715 later, service was complete, inspection was done and got the car on the dyno to see what power it's making as I know 350z are often down on power:




299.1 FWHP which I don't think is too bad at all. You can watch the second run.


A few bits to be done coming out of the inspection, mostly bush replacements on the compression arms and rear diff so will get that sorted in the coming weeks. Plus going to get a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 all around. 


Ordered a few bits that I'm looking forward to fitting including new double din radio (with a BEST BITS trim piece all the way from the US, as that seems to be the only type that actually fits properly), RJM Clutch Pedal kit to improve the crazy high clutch biting point in the Zeds and finally OpenTop boot springs so the boot will finally pop open correctly 😅 

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42 minutes ago, The Bounty Bar Kid said:

Looking good but I'd go mps4 over eagles. Trust me it's worth it!


Thanks for the advice. I'd watched this video albeit a while ago and I seem think that there wasn't much in it but a big price difference.


Have you driven on both? Is it worth the extra money?




Edit: another comparison video

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