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Metallic rattle under gentle braking

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On the M25 today, crawling along as usual, outside lane .....I noticed an odd metallic tinking or rattle noise under gentle braking but I only heard it as my window was down, radio off and the noise was bouncing off the concrete crash barrier. I replaced all discs and pads 9000 miles ago with genuine Nissan OEM’s and do not drive the car hard or track it so they can’t be worn out already.  Anybody else had a similar issue with their 370?   Never heard this noise before and I’ve had the car 4 years.

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Could be worn out pads if a calliper was binding, but just as easy could be a stuck stone. Get a few hard stops done to see if that solves it (in reverse too), or pop the wheels off and have a look at the pads themselves on the inside. 

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Found out what was causing this, in case anyone has the same problem. It was the securing pin worked loose and catching on the front pad when braking in rotation with the wheel. Ordered anew pad fitting kit and replacing next week so hopefully should cure the problem.

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