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Spare wheel


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I just wondered how many 370 owners on here carry a spare? When I use my car for work it tends to be long journeys (300 miles round trips) When I had my 350 it had a steel spare which saved me on a couple of occasions.


When I bought my 370 it didn't have a spare only the foam and air compressor. I've been looking for a while to see if I can pick one up second hand ebay or elsewhere (ZMANALEX is out of stock). I know you can use a 350 spare with a spacer but if I get one i'd want to run the 18 inch alloy spare just for ease.


Anyone had any bad experience of having no spare or have one they want to sell me :lol:!

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19 minutes ago, P15UL T said:

I have a spare from a 350z convertible that I think fits the 370z (maybe zmanalex) can confirm this. 


Will sell it for £100 delivered within the UK




The 350 space saver will fit the 370, however you will require a 20mm spacer on the rear to clear the calipers.

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Teejay I’ve been keeping an eye on eBay I saw a genuine alloy 18” 370z spare the other day for £96 but it had the wrong sized tyre on it, in hindsight I wish I’d just bought it and changed the tyre. 

Paul, I’ve already been offered a 350 one but as Alex says you need a spacer to clear the caliper and I want to avoid that.

I’ve emailed my local Nissan dealer as they are all WFH at the moment, I’ve been told they’ll come back to me next week so I may just end up buying new, the wheel at least.


The hunt continues!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally sorted!


I spoke to my local Motorline Nissan quoting the part number and these are now £167 odd new (no tyre) with an 8 week lead time as they said there are none in stock in the UK or Europe!


I continued trawling eBay and I now have a genuine 18" alloy spare including tyre coming from a breakers in Lithuania - let's hope it actually turns up, they seemed to have good feedback so fingers crossed. £95 including delivery so not too bad. 


And I have a jack kit coming now courtesy of ZMANALEX - Thanks again for your patience and help on this!


Once it's all arrived and fitted I can rest easy on my long trips!

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