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Cyclinder Capacity Increase

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Hi Guys,


Quick one, wondered if any of you have successfully re-bored the cylinders of a 370z Nismo from the 3.7 >>> 3.9? If so, what other mods have you had to make in order to handle this? (i.e. Chassis, Drivechain, Intake, etc).


Also, any issues you've had since doing so?


Toying with heading down this route, but not too sure on costing - wanted to get a general idea what I'll be getting myself in for... :shutup:





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Hi Calv,


To just bore to 3.9 would be taking it out to 98-99mm from 95.5 which is quite a lot of material but I believe it's been done and is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Would just require a re-bore and pistons, the other components would be OK............still a full strip down and rebuild job to do though. 


The other option would be (given the whole engines coming apart!) to use a 92mm crank and VQ35DE length rods which could use 95.5 or 96mm bores and would take you to nearly 4ltr. Not sure if there would be any clearance work required to the block for the new crank and you'd need the big end on the rods taken out from 55 to 57mm to work plus the usual balancing work etc. so this would run you into a lot of £££. Probably wouldn't see much change from £8k once you're all done


Gains wise 355hp - 3.7ltr = 96hp / ltr so taken to 4ltr you could expect to see 384hp ish. Whether that's worth that kind of investment is entirely up to you? Chassis and drivetrain would be up to dealing with this depending on your use road or track etc?


Hope that helps a bit

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4 liter V6 wow. Looks like serious work. 384hp. Whats the limitation? Whats stopping it from getting to 400hp? Is it due to the engine being a v6?


Also I read on the American forum that 395hp is possible with breathing mods


Stillen Gen 3 intake, Cat Back Exhaust, High Flow cats as well as Ported lower manifold and a good ecutek tune Or is that just talk? and 370 hp is the best can hope for?

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