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Got my 370 mapped!


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I travelled down to Horsham Developments today (great bunch of guys!) for my up-rev which I have been looking forward too for 3 weeks!


All I can say is......WOW!.....what a transformation. My car feels alive again, throttle response is immediate, torque in each gear is vastly improved (gained another 20lbs of torque) and the MPG did not go below 32.4 to the gallon, and was giving it some beans down the dual carriageways too.  My engine is on 78k, first run showed 317.3ps so it had only lost 12 horses in 10 years which I thought was amazing, final run shows 329.2ps at the wheels. Very pleased with that.

IMG_20190906_141627 (1).jpg

Scan 1.jpg

Scan 2.jpg

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Well worth this work just to give the drive an improvement across the range, just for accuracy its at the flywheel not the wheels you got 329? The torque looks the best result for me rather than any peak BHP measurement, around a 10% increase across the revs up to around 4500rpm :thumbs:

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