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TCS+ABS+ESP = Brake light switch

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Well the lights are on AGAIN.

It's the all black switch above the brown/black cruise control switch.

350z brake light switch



I replaced the brake light switch a few years ago wit an OEM Nissan one thinking it'll be premium quality and last.

350z brake light switch


In 14 years ownership and 60k miles my second one has now failed.

Not had this happen on any other car so I'm guessing the Nissan ones are a bit rubbish.

So I spent just over a fiver on a generic one 



With the frequent flash sales it can be had for a little over a fiver instead of £40-50 for a Nissan one!

It's in and working.

Even if it only lasts 5 years it's an easy enough fix but I wouldn't bother with a Nissan one guys.


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On 11/06/2019 at 11:26, G1en@waxandshine said:

Thanks for the link @HEADPHONES Just ordered one. 

Current code of SUN50 makes it just over a fiver. 

In case you didn't already know, there's a clip connector that just needs a gentle press to release the switch, no force needed.

Also when inserting the new switch it can be twisted into place at varying depths so that the brake pedal activates the switch even with the lightest touch on the brakes.

Sometimes if it's placed fully seated, when the brake pedal only travels a couple of mm it's not enough to activate the switch.

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Can't believe the stupid switch has failed AGAIN after 10 months.

Luckily I ordered a spare last time.

Stopped the car, swapped out the switch and all was well.

Ordered another TWO spares at £12.34 including delivery.


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  • 11 months later...

Can't believe it.

Switch has gone bust AGAIN.

Buy cheap buy twice I guess :lol:.

Luckily I had a spare.

Fitted and working in a couple of minutes.

Just ordered another TWO to keep in the boot.

They've gone up almost 50% though!

From £5 to an extortionate £7:lol:

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Posted (edited)

TCS+ABS+ESP all lit up.

The brake lights were actually working fine and when I restarted the car the lights all went out.

But they returned shortly after when braking again.

Must be these cheap brake light switches.

How the hell can a simple switch fail so easily?:surrender:

Is it something I'm doing wrong in fitting it?:wacko:

Will be fitting one of my spares AGAIN and then contacting ZMANALEX for an original Nissan one me thinks:doh:

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Oh no...... brake light switch failure:surrender:

I had 2 spares in my boot today too:doh:

I could have given you one.

But they were cheap ones from a dodgey batch so questionable durability.

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I know, I was a wee bit annoyed lol 


Argh, what timing!!!


Took the switch off and used contact cleaner, let it air dry and refitted. Started the car, touch the brake pedal and no warning light so far. If the lights come back on, then I see about getting a switch. 

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