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Does anybody know this car?

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Hey all!


I've been looking to buy a 350z (as a second car) for a year now but haven't done so yet for different reasons one of which is that I haven't found the 'right' one as yet.


The car below caught my eye last summer and I was surprised to see it still hasn't sold so was wondering if anybody here had either viewed it or has any info on it:




I have not gone to view it because something feels off given how long it's been for sale for, also the price was £7,650 a couple of weeks back but is now up at £8,000 in the above advert but also £8,350 elsewhere (the dealer has a garage in London and one in  Walsall hence the 2 different prices).  Very strange to raise the price given it hasn't sold.


Would appreciate any info.





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Hi and welcome along. I don't know this car but I am sure someone will come along who knows anything about it in due course. If anyone does that is. 

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Would be good if they start to go up in price but I can't see that happening, may be the mk1 370 nismo could be a future classic 

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