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Gutted about my Z

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Never take the first payout offer- always fight your corner and give examples of cars for sale at similar age/spec/mileage 

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54 minutes ago, WINKJ said:

Not sure I could go back to a Nismo after - may take the chance to look at something new. However the insurance are doing a full strip down of the car today to get a full and comprehensive view of the extend of the damage. If its still 50/50 they will take my decision into account and it's very likely I'll not be taking the car back. 


My 2 concerns are that they insist that now they can fix it, which would be annoying as i've made my decision. Secondly they don't give me a good value on it. 

They can insist all they like and it is probably true that they can fix it, but that doesn't matter. You have made your decision and they have to honour it and they have to give you the list price. End of. 

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