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Potential New Car - Cash Purchase - Advice Please

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Simply print of 2 of these and fill them out:




Its basically a very simple form that records the details of the sale. Put down everything here that is of relevance, like any noises etc or any specific comments the seller makes about the engine/car having zero issues etc can be put down here. You both then sign it and take a copy each.


Use this every time I buy/sell a car. If someone is hesitant or refuses to sign then that should tell you something. If this is genuinely his own private car then totally understandable that it wouldn't be declared against the business. And as said a few times above, taking a 2nd person along just in case can be a good idea.

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Car collected with absolutely no issues, the seller even made me lunch at his house. :)


So far, only a steady drive back home over the moors in the fog and rain, so didn't get to stretch my legs or get any photos. Will post up in a few days.


Thanks again for all the advice.

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Nice one mate!


Presume the zed has gone?

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