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Fife Meet?


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5 minutes ago, ZeppoJeff said:

Sounds like it’s gonna be a good day. Shame the car isn’t operational just now and Falkirk is a bit of a distance to go


1 hour ago, The Chubby Ninja said:

I'm good with that. Say the Saturday afternoon or Sunday? 

For Sunday 26th (to try and fit others in): I’m not all sure who’s going? I suggested the Kelpies at Falkirk, however; I don’t think that’s a good fit from what I’m feeling. The Silverburn Centre is even further out. 

For those of us still wanting to go, can we all reply with our locations again please and I’ll try to find something that’s a fair distance?

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37 minutes ago, Cragus said:

If it's a week on Sunday why don't we meet at the Tartan Tarmac meet on the Sunday morning. Get our cars together, see some other nice cars and there is always a food van of some sort there too. 

I'm up for that! :thumbs:


28 minutes ago, LRF4N said:

Is TT not finished for the year? If there’s one this month I’ll pop down 

Yeah there's defo one on the 26th - here's the Facebook event for it.

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