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Did they ever work for you? I believe they're run off separate pumps, so it would be strange if both pumps failed at the same time.


Can you hear anything when you try use them?


Also just to make sure, you are pushing the stick forward to use the rear washers and pulling it for the front?


Also check your headlight washers with the button if you have them.


Edit: Wow, fixed that spelling - didn't realise how bad it came out on my phone.

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I only picked the car up yesterday apparently they did work, read earlier thread reference separate pumps front and back, have checked fuse can't see anything in toward unless it's the relay under bonnet by the battery.

I do have headlight wash will have to check with someone else outside to see if can hear anything.

I will update on here if I discover anything.


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Well encountered first problem! Washers don't appear to work from stalk any ideas guys much appreciated.

Quick copy & paste from a reply I wrote to another member....


There are various reasons why your front windscreen washers wouldn't work:

  • Fuse gone (in which case your rear wouldn't work either as it's a shared fuse AFAIK).
  • Washer motor pump gone (most likely in your case as you say you cannot hear the motor anymore).
  • Blocked or disconnected pipe (if it's blocked you'd still hear the motor/disconnected then you'd see a puddle of screen wash eventually appear under the car).
  • Blocked return valve (usually still get a dribble from the washer jets) or simply no screen wash in the reservoir (you've already checked that & topped up).

There are separate washer motor pumps for the front & rear windscreens fyi.


The pumps are both fixed to the washer reservoir located on the drivers side in the lower bumper section just in front of the wheel/tyre behind the wheel arch liner. If you cannot hear the motor running then it is most likely the pump motor has died imo.


I went through 1 front windscreen washer pump motor & two rear ones during my Zed ownership (fairly common especially as the 350's get older). It's a fairly simple job to replace them although it can get a little messy if you've a full reservoir of screen wash.





More info Soapster in these threads including links to other threads on the same subject, pump part numbers/prices and causes...




Hope that helps. :thumbs:

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