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Rimblades - various colours!


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Hey guys!


Thought I'd try and put a bit of life back into the group buy section, and mainly because I've missed every single one and got a little jealous.. ANYWAY.




Spoke to the guy who sells these, after buying my own and being over the moon, they pretty much do what they say on the tin, protect your rims, whilst (for some) providing a little colour to your wheels, here is what they look like on mine ;




Mine are the silver ones and pretty much un-noticeable.


Plenty of pictures and information to go by, even a noob like me can put them on.


Prices ; normally £15

Managed to agree on...

10 buy its £13

15 buy its £12

20 buy its £11... You get the picture.


The price is for a full set of up to 20".. Which is fine for us. Unless some of you scary people are actually running 20's...


Colours available : black, silver, red, lime green, yellow, orange, white, pink, blue, purple.


The set also includes a brush tip bottle of 3M "94 Primer (adhesion accelerator)" and alcohol wipes


!!!! CLOSED!!!!


Any more info, just pm me :)


1. Stuggerz (Blue 18") - PAID

2. cov350z (red 18") - PAID

3. Randy_Baton (black 18") - PAID + POSTED

4. Jet Set Z ( Black 18") - P + S

5. Erni902 2x (black + Orange 19") - P + P

6. davey_83 (silver 18") - PAID

7. flex (black 18") - PAID

8. Pimm Junior (Black 18") - PAID

9. Ekona (Orange 18") - PAID

10. ZedManTID (Yellow 19") - PAID

11. ZedManTID (Red 19") - PAID

12. Andy_Muxlow (Black 18") - P + POSTED

13. PPod (silver 19") - PAID

14. Roadtrip (silver 18") - P + POSTED

15. I4N (black) - PAID

16. Gizmo (Purple 18") - PAID

17. modo (Blue 20") - PAID

18. Ponsonby (Black 19") - PAID

19. ASemper (Black 18") - PAID

20. Robchriscross (Black 19") - PAID

21.Scobie140 x3 (black,red & silver) - PAID

22. Mikky (Black 19") - PAID

23. Jetset (20" black) - PAID

24. Zebeddy (light green) - PAID

25. Payco 2x (silver 19'") - PAID



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Im going to have to bail on the group buy... i didnt think it through. Lool I dont think I want any adhesive on my chrome lip Lmgt4s lol.


Not sure how I thought it would stay on at 70mph lol


I've hit well over a ton with mine on 🙄


And the adhesive comes off rather easy when your peeling it off :)




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Are you sure olly :)


He assures me they come off clean,


Best way to take off rimblades:

When you pull them off some or even most of the 3M tape will be left on the rim.

1) warm it up bit by bit with hairdryer and push off with a plastic ice scraper or something similar ( not metal obviously so you don't scratch the rim)

2) any remaining bits rub off with white spirit or glue remover on hard cloth



But it's up to you :)



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How thick are they? I mean, they'll protect against a light brush I guess, but what about a sustained drag against a high curb? How much meat is there before you chew through them?


I'll be honest I couldn't tell you how much it would take, but surely even a bit of protection is better than none at all (my opinion) a few photos below of an idea, I can find out an actual thickness if you want ?




I'd probably say about 5mm?



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