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Plenum Spacer - how long is safe before remap


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Firstly, apologies to any old timers on here who may have seen this question a thousand times over the last 10 years.


I've done a few hours of searching - a lot of the threads descend into (sometimes quite funny) flame wars..but I couldn't see the info I'm after.


My car: a 54 plate DE which I've had since 06. Got it at 20k miles, now was 80k miles. As bits have failed I have aftermarketed - so I have a Stillen Y Pipe, a Scorpion back section. Just ordered an Xtreme clutch from Ewen@Clark as the original OEM one is now slipping.


Q1: Plenum Spacer. Is this easy to fit by myself? It looks (on the face of it) quite simple in so far as - remove plenum and brace, add spacer, refit plenum, adjust brace fittings, refit brace.


Q2: How long is it safe to run before I should take it to Horsham/Abbey/somewhere not UpRev licensed for a remap? I've seen people talking about the danger of a leaner AFR mix brought on by the ECU being a f*cker and adjusting for the increased air flow.


Thanks - sorry again if this is answered elsewhere, must be like groundhog day on here for some of you..

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There is a post on here by ZMANALEX which shows the torque of the bolts to put the plenum back on at as well as the order in which to put them back in. Im average at best with spanners and I managed to put it in no problems on my own.

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