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  1. Well. Seems to have resolved itself. Maybe was the new sender getting settled. One day I just started the car and the oil pressure gauge went from zero to a normal cold oil starting pressure (100ish), then immediately down to something too low at idle for cold oil (15 ish), then up to 100 again, then has just been behaving normally.
  2. Hey Alex reading is about 30% between L and H on the dipstick.
  3. Hi all Just had an oil change/service (main dealer) and a new sump installed (local garage). 54 plate GT with 110k on clock. Local garage was testing oil pressure with external unit, all good. However they said car's view was it was at zero, and oil light was on. So we installed a new sender, but didn't fix the problem. I let it sit for a few days. Did dashboard dial test, all OK. Started it up and pressure went to max. Then after driving for a bit went to normal, then after about ten mins went to zero. Car isn't losing oil. May be my imagination but it seemed to go to zero under (quite heavy) braking (then not return to normal). Not expecting a diagnosis, but wondering if anyone has had similar problems? Thanks
  4. Did you ever get this sorted? My passenger door won't unlock. The lock knob on the internal door handle (number 10 in attached diagram) isn't going to the totally unlocked position when I press the unlock button on the key fob (twice), or try and push it manually. Door won't open... MOT failure. I guess I may have to prise the interior panel off but is there an easier fix?
  5. hmm possibly, although I guess they won't be backlit as different loading etc. good idea though.
  6. hi my 54 plate 350z now has 104k miles on it.. the steering wheel graphics for the radio and cruise controls have faded or rubbed off, and a plastic laquer also appears to be bubbling off Has anyone else had this and what did you do to make the wheel look nice again? I want to keep it looking like it is stock
  7. Chance those panels were resprayed at some point? Not sure
  8. Hi my gunmetal grey 54 plate has seen better days cosmetically some of the paintwork seems to be peeling off in tiny lines.. see pics any idea (other than a respray) what I can do? Thanks all
  9. Hi thanks for the replies - and the nice way of saying "just fkin google it" í ½í± I've used Leighton at pro garage in the past, he knows his stuff
  10. Bit more info - the whine pitch increases in line with engine revs - and all is ok after about 20 mins Any views very welcomed! Thank you
  11. hi all 54 plate uk 350z with 80k on the clock. no mods apart from exhaust and lightweight flywheel on startup, especially in the morning, the power steering is whining. Weirdly - when I turn right it whines loads, when I turn left it whines less but the whole rack feels a tiny bit.. wobbly. Any ideas on what this might be so I can work out vague extent of £££ misery before taking it to a pro! (google suggested belts, dirty fluid or pump) Thanks John
  12. Cool. Thanks for the pic. I couldn't find the ZMANALEX post but found this useful PDF from Motordyne with detailed instructions: http://www.motordyneengineering.com/manual.pdf
  13. Hello Firstly, apologies to any old timers on here who may have seen this question a thousand times over the last 10 years. I've done a few hours of searching - a lot of the threads descend into (sometimes quite funny) flame wars..but I couldn't see the info I'm after. My car: a 54 plate DE which I've had since 06. Got it at 20k miles, now was 80k miles. As bits have failed I have aftermarketed - so I have a Stillen Y Pipe, a Scorpion back section. Just ordered an Xtreme clutch from Ewen@Clark as the original OEM one is now slipping. Q1: Plenum Spacer. Is this easy to fit by myself? It looks (on the face of it) quite simple in so far as - remove plenum and brace, add spacer, refit plenum, adjust brace fittings, refit brace. Q2: How long is it safe to run before I should take it to Horsham/Abbey/somewhere not UpRev licensed for a remap? I've seen people talking about the danger of a leaner AFR mix brought on by the ECU being a f*cker and adjusting for the increased air flow. Thanks - sorry again if this is answered elsewhere, must be like groundhog day on here for some of you..
  14. Cheers all Clutch not totally gone yet - slipping in 5th - which is mad cos I've done 80k Hours and h-Dev really useful thanks Progarage - nice one
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