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  1. about time too 1) Apoc124 2) Matt89 3)Kbad 4)Big_r_z33 5) Andy_Muxlow 6) MarkSt 7) ChasGFL
  2. ChasGFL

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Perhaps could have been taken from a more interesting angle, taking photos of my car is still all a bit alien to me, with my car history you'd see why! Also been experimenting with some photoshop filters.
  3. ChasGFL

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    It's under there somewhere..
  4. ChasGFL

    Hypothetically - would it sell?

    Being relatively new round here I've not seen your car before, but I love what you've done with it, As others have said there's nothing too extreme, I wouldn't have thought you'd have too much trouble selling that. You've given me some ideas!!
  5. Any plans for another meet before Christmas? Also anyone else planning on going to this? https://rockingham.co.uk/event/christmas-cruise-2/
  6. I don't get on my Xbox as often as I'd like, but always up for a game of Forza if I'm on, although a bit sidetracked by Assassins Creed atm. My GT is ChasGFL
  7. ChasGFL

    Undershroud help

    Thanks very much for the help guys, the aluminium tray looks great just a shame nobody would see it once it's installed. Looks like I'm gonna have to get under there to see the state of the fixings but the cable tie idea sounds like an ideal solution for me, certainly for the short term. Thanks again.
  8. ChasGFL

    Forza Motorsport (7)

    I know this particular forum seems a bit quiet, but anyone got this on Xbox and fancies a game, my gamertag is ChasGFL It was actually FM2 where the Z first caught my attention, I never really paid much attention to Jap sports cars (was more of an Aston Martin & TVR man) but there was something about the 350 that just resonated with me, no idea what it was really but I've wanted one ever since. So the first thing I did when I got the game the other day was get the car I'm now the proud owner of in real life, which I've not been able to do previously really - Renault Espaces/Vauxhall Zafiras and other MPVs I've owned over the years don't usually feature in the game!
  9. ChasGFL

    Undershroud help

    I noticed my Z had what looked like a front air scoop under the front bumper but on closer inspection I realised the engine undershroud has come loose. It's quite possibly been like that since I bought the car not that long ago but never noticed it before. So being completely non car mechanically minded could anyone point me in the right direction for fixing it please as I'd like to learn to do some stuff myself. How do I reattach the clips, or are they broken? I don't have access to ramps or anything so it's impossible to see what's going on under there, I did debate about picking some up but wasn't sure if they would be any use anyway due to the low clearance. Apologies for all the n00b questions, I did have a search but couldn't find any help on the subject. I'd appreciate any help please.
  10. Unfortunately I can't make this one, hopefully see you all next time.
  11. Bullet dodged for me when I was looking to buy back in July (and before I'd joined this forum). As they're fairly local and always seem to have a few Zeds this place was on my radar to visit and I'd even got as far as pulling up outside the showroom on my way back from viewing the not so local Zed I eventually bought. But for some reason I decided not to get out of the car. Best decision ever by the sound of it. Sorry for those that have had really bad experiences there.
  12. ChasGFL


    Welcome jackf, I'm fairly new round here myself and just up the road in Rushden, a 370 owner and at the opposite end of the spectrum age wise! If you're free there's a meet tomorrow night outside MK Stadium, link below. Where were those pics taken? As a local they don't look like they were taken around Kettering??!!
  13. Oh go on then 1) Matt89 2) MarkSt 3) Battlezed 4) Andy_Muxlow 5) Apoc124 6) ChasGFL 7)
  14. Great to meet you all last night, some lovely looking Zeds, already given me a few ideas! I don't suppose anyone took a pic of them all lined up, I completely forgot?
  15. ChasGFL

    New Zed owner

    Thanks for the welcome everyone and good to meet you too MarkSt