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  1. Wingchun8

    Headlights wanted

    Torqen.uk have some very nice Spyder aftermarket headlights on their website.
  2. Wingchun8

    Engine slam panel

    Looking for the above for my 2005 GT4 in Black or Carbon Fibre .If used in good condition appreciated,many thanks,Steven.
  3. Wingchun8

    Front & rear brake disc baffle/dust sheilds

    Hello again,any chance you could give me a price on a set of front and rear brake disc baffles/dust sheilds for my 2005 GT4.New or good quality old,images would be great if possible.Many thanks,Steven.
  4. Wingchun8

    Front & rear brake disc baffle/dust sheilds

    Many thanks,I'll do that soon.
  5. Looking for the above for my 2005 GT4.High prices quoted via Nissan.Seen some around but seem few and far between.New or used,many thanks.
  6. Wingchun8

    T-Shirts And Polo Shirts (350z)

    They would look so cool,maybe with a vehicle graphic on it,an action drifting shot,an urban shot of a Z up against a wall of graffiti or a lovely image of a Z going thru a tunnel.Food for thought!
  7. Wingchun8

    T-Shirts And Polo Shirts (350z)

    Arrived today,I'm impressed,perfect fit,look forward to possible new designs with vehicle images,many thanks.
  8. Wingchun8

    T-Shirts And Polo Shirts (350z)

    Hello Jay,thanks for the size guide,appreciated.Can I order x1 medium t-shirt please.Also how do you want payment for it?,thanks again,Steven. Mobile-07906121533
  9. Wingchun8

    T-Shirts And Polo Shirts (350z)

    Hello Jay,can I put an order in for x1 t-shirts please.Can you give me a rough size guide(as I normally juggle between Medium and Large).Also,how is payment made? Many thanks,Steven. Mobile-07906121533
  10. Wingchun8

    Another lowering spring Q!

    Just some advice needed on the subject of coil overs for a 350Z.If the rear coil over shock has a fixed spring attached to it, does this replace the lower arm spring or would the car have two springs when fitted? i.e.the fixed coil over spring and lower control arm spring. Also, if the both are fitted will I need a rear shock adjuster(which fits on top of the lower arm spring) to adjust the ride vehicles ride height?
  11. Wingchun8

    Tonneau/boot divider.

    Thank you for your help, contacted 14N today, hopefully he's still doing the tonneau/boot dividers.
  12. Wingchun8

    Tonneau/boot divider.

    Recently I saw an old link regarding custom made 350Z tonneau/boot dividers.Originally I saw them on eBay but reading the links I understand that Ian the gent.who makes them went independent and stopped selling on eBay. Unfortunately I could not find any contact links/details to enquire further. Any help would be appreciated for contact details or even if they are still being produced, thanks, Steven-Nissan 350Z GT4 2005.