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  1. Hello again,any chance you could give me a price on a set of front and rear brake disc baffles/dust sheilds for my 2005 GT4.New or good quality old,images would be great if possible.Many thanks,Steven.
  2. Many thanks,I'll do that soon.
  3. Looking for the above for my 2005 GT4.High prices quoted via Nissan.Seen some around but seem few and far between.New or used,many thanks.
  4. They would look so cool,maybe with a vehicle graphic on it,an action drifting shot,an urban shot of a Z up against a wall of graffiti or a lovely image of a Z going thru a tunnel.Food for thought!
  5. Arrived today,I'm impressed,perfect fit,look forward to possible new designs with vehicle images,many thanks.
  6. Hello Jay,thanks for the size guide,appreciated.Can I order x1 medium t-shirt please.Also how do you want payment for it?,thanks again,Steven. Mobile-07906121533
  7. Hello Jay,can I put an order in for x1 t-shirts please.Can you give me a rough size guide(as I normally juggle between Medium and Large).Also,how is payment made? Many thanks,Steven. Mobile-07906121533