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  1. fishfire

    Japspeed K1

    I have a DE with a K1 (not for sale unfortunately) fit was fine and sounds epic
  2. Standard road going pressures all round
  3. What mods were you running at the time?
  4. You can get into the 12's with the 370z , some in the US have managed it, I ran a best of 13.3 at around 108 in my old one iirc OP what was your 60ft , thats what matters, should be around 2.00 , reckon you are about 2.4 Decent tyres like MPSS , lower the pressure by 5-7psi will make a difference Reaction times have no effect on the 1/4 times much better to concentrate on the launch and get things right 60ft 2.4659 330ft 6.4814 1/8 9.7257 1/4 14.7568 Tyres were losing traction on every change. I got good launches, with decent grip it might have shaved that 0.75 off.....maybe
  5. Reading some of these comments with interest! I've had this feeling of instability at speed, on some relatively smooth road surfaces. And the twitchy back end has become a consistent thing if I get happy in sharp corners which feels like a bike about to high side (for those bikists out there 😉) Recently took her to Santa pod and she was spinning up in every gear change. Now o know she's got a bit of power....but not that much! So, tyres will be getting changed and all the geo set up at the same time, and will see what difference that makes. Thanks for all the input so far ðŸ˜
  6. Had two good smooth starts tbh. Reaction time was 0.3 seconds. She's just a big girl. A friend described my 350z as being like a rotund girl: they try really hard but they're just not that good 😂
  7. I had test pipes.....big fail on emissions!! I simply couldn't find an mot guy who was willing to risk his licence to pass me so, I put sports cats on. I went for some eBay specials sports cats, and these just scraped a pass.
  8. Went to santa pod at the weekend for the classic and retro event,and was great fun! While I was there I thought I'd see what the 350z would do down the timed 1/4 mile Run What You Bring. Results as follows: 1st run 14.75 seconds terminal speed 97.33 2nd run 14.74 seconds terminal speed 98.82 The Z made a nice noise and was consistent but not exactly blistering quick. To put those times into perspective, a standard lardy Merc cdi diesel thing put in the same times as me, and I had my arse handed to me by a tricked out Fiat Punto GT (12.3 seconds!!). I'm getting a Supra 😉
  9. Fair one, though I've owned the car for over a year now so I'm fairly familiar with it. I think i should have said that I've not really pushed the cars limits round the twisties since I've had it. Definitely familiar with high power cars and bikes. My last car was a mk1 Focus Rs with the wrong side of 400hp under the bonnet (can you say..torque steer?!) and a classic scooby running 350 ish prior to that, amongst others. Current bike is a Honda Blackbird which is frankly...a straight line missile. So speed is something I enjoy but the Z is currently the most unsettling vehicle at speed I've ever owned, something I'd like to rectify tbh
  10. I've got Cooper Zeon CS tyres on all four corners, fitted four or five months ago. To be fair, they've impressed me. I had the same on my Mk1 Focus RS. Could possibly be driver error...but I'd say on this occasion, not. It wasn't a sharp bend by any stretch, and I didn't attack the corner like an 18 year old on ten cans of redbull lol! I did get the opportunity to push the limits of the Z's upper speed limit (private road guvnor!) but lack of stability means anything approaching 130 - 140mph is frankly, bum twitching territory. I did wonder if poly bushing just the rear end would have an undesirable effect on handling. The only way I can describe how it feels, is it thought both drop links had snapped! Wheel balancing and geo set up in think will be my next port of call I think
  11. I've not really pushed my Z since I've owned it to be honest, but tonight I had two moments where a little bit of poo came out! First she's definitely not stable at higher motorway speeds. Just didn't feel like it would take even the most gentle bend on the motorway at speed, and just feels...unstable and a bit wallowy. Then on the way down some faster duel carriage ways I hit a bit of a bend at a good pace but not ridiculous. The back end wobbled like a jelly, and the traction control kicked in! This does not strike me as normal behaviour and I nearly poo'd my pants to be honest Anyone experienced similar? She's still on standard shocks and springs but I did change all the rear suspension bushes to White Line poly bushes a few months back, with the exception of the ARB bushes. New standard drop links were fitted at the same time as the bushes. Front end is totally standard. Could this just be worn standard suspension or something more sinister?
  12. Welcome along! Also in Southampton/Bitterne with a gunmetal grey de.
  13. Problem found! It's the sh#tty aftermarket toe arms. Back to nissan standard arms for me!!
  14. Jet pilot was bang on the money! For those still getting crappy reception check that the antenna power cable from the iso connector has power going to it! I had a second cable coming from the amp power cable coming from the head unit. I've just connected that to the antenna power cable and presto!! More radio stations than you can shake a stick at
  15. Someone's on form tonight! 👆





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