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  1. Could you send more details and maybe some pics. I could be interested. I'm in Surrey close to Gatwick **Please see below post from Moderator**
  2. Hi David. I'm thinking of selling mine as I have more than one vehicle. It is a 2008 350z GT313 HR COUPE BLACK MANUAL completely std and no mods other than wheel centre caps and badges changed to Z type just serviced and has only done 13000 miles. I've used it at weekends only . Immaculate car though wheels could be tidier
  3. Suicide bomber Salman Abedi, who killed 22 people and injured over a hundred more in the Manchester Arena attack last week, will never be buried or cremated in Greater Manchester, local authorities insist. City officials said they will do “everything in their power†to stop Abedi, 22, from being buried, cremated or laid to rest in Manchester, according to the Daily Mail. Abedi’s body is currently being kept in a morgue outside the city, the Manchester Evening News (MEN) reports, and has not been kept in proximity with the remains of his 22 victims.
  4. Manchester mosques REFUSE to bury suicide bomber Salman Abedi's body as it emerges his corpse is kept outside the city and away from his victims
  5. Most ridiculous idea. HA HA. that's ridiculous in itself .... and no not made up internet. Do some research
  6. Aashenfox I agree. It would be a deterrent and as I said a few days ago. They wouldn't be classed as martyrs but humiliated as they don't eat pork so let the pork eat them !!!!
  7. I hear that funeral companies are refusing to cremate or bury the terrorists. So feeding them to the pigs doesn't "✌ðŸ»Bring us down to there level✌ðŸ»" As quoted earlier
  8. Because that wouldn't encourage more attacks at all, would it? You do realise that sinking to their level makes us no better, right?
  9. Because that wouldn't encourage more attacks at all, would it? You do realise that sinking to their level makes us no better, right?
  10. The three terrorists should be given to the pigs to eat. Video it. Would be humiliating and difficult for there own to class them as martyrs if this was done
  11. Hi. My Z may be for sale soon 2008/9 reg. BLACK GT313 HR with only 13000 miles on clock. Manual. Totally standard no mods Weekend used only
  12. Hello mate. Nice car in the best colour I think for these
  13. Hi Nzed. Was a guy at the seven stars in Leigh looking at my car and said he was looking to buy one. Obviously wasn't you. No doubt will see you around. There's not many 350Z's around here
  14. Hello Nzed. I'm sure to see you as I'm in horley and have lived in Redhill and Reigate ,,, i was wondering if you worked at â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸ ( if u do you'll understand ) as I know the guy there saw my car ( black 350z HR ) ps. Welcome
  15. Mine does it too. HR model with 13'000 miles No smell at normal driving but when giving it a bit of a heavy foot then the smell appears. Not a clutch smell but a burnt chemical sort of odour then it soon clears





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