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  1. Mats prov sold - waiting for payment to process anyone need the bumper bra?
  2. Hi, havent posted on here for a while, sold my zed ages ago and come across these.. car Mats - SOLD ——————————————————— Genuine bonnet bra protection (full nose cover + upper bra) Test fitted only, brand new and really hard to get hold of. price inc postage £145.00 Paypal / will accept collection if your local. Please pm any questions.
  3. Normal for me also, especially after a good spanking as said ^^ The lack of air into the front end doesn't help. :/ lol
  4. Hoover the middle parts - not the leather.. Treat and clean the leather with specific products. I use Zaino leather care on mine smells amazing as well
  5. Middle part is alcantara Here's a pic;
  6. I'll take a set of these for my 370 370z TS Side diffuser - pm on its way
  7. Could someone add me to the list please
  8. Just the Saturday with you boys, Sunday was watching day lol
  9. Awesome panoramic shot ! Love it
  10. Glad you all like them lol, I'll bring the camera out again next time !
  11. Dug this up, might help.. http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/51063-couple-of-quickies-ignition-snow-mode/
  12. I'll post these handful of pics up, if you wanted to see the rest click the link below and it'll take you to the album I've made as there's way to many pictures to post up lol.. http://s1043.photobucket.com/user/simoncomber99/library/Japshow%202016%20Santapod%209th%20-%2010th%20July Here's the selection ! - there not edited do what you please with them (y) ( I'm not a pro photographer just pinched the Mrs camera ha! Had lots of this, probably to much lol The famous pizzeria And many of these in the morning ! This man was a legend.
  13. Why didn't you come join us then was a great weekend



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